How Bananas Helped Meghan Markle Reveal Her Relationship With Prince Harry Before It Got Official?

How Bananas Helped Meghan Markle Reveal Her Relationship With Prince Harry Before It Got Official?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have surely risen to become one of the most controversially admired couples of all time. After more than four years of blissful marriage, the couple is trending because of the speculations of them, expecting their third child. They recently also wreaked havoc in the royal circle by releasing the Netflix docuseries and Spare. The royal couple, however, is not famous for making headlines just now.

It was back in 2016 that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex started dating. They were successful in hiding their admiration from the public for a while now, but somehow, around the end of October that year, the news of them being in a relationship got leaked. However, before any publication announced their relationship, the Suits actress shared a mysterious photo of two bananas embracing on her Instagram.

Apparently, the Duchess was a step ahead of the media and dropped a hint to the people way before they know it from any other sources. The 41-year-old actress not only posted the picture, but she also captioned it “Sleep tight xx”. However, she did not reveal any names or tagged anybody in the picture, it was a subtle hint that she was together with someone. But how did these two meet in the first place?

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The real story of how Meghan Markle met the Prince of her dreams

It is a known fact about the Random Encounters actress that she had been married and divorced once before. After four years of her divorce and encountering several dating rumors and affairs in between, the 41-year-old took a trip to London for Wimbledon. The rest of the story is very cliche yet adorable.

As the Duchess of Sussex filmed a video of herself in a Snapchat dog filter, little did she know that this funky clip will change her life forever. A mutual friend of the couple posted it on her Instagram and Prince Harry was immediately attracted to her. He asked for her number from the friend and the couple eventually went on a blind date.

The Dater’s Handbook actress dating a British royal was huge news in itself. It was officially announced on November 8, 2016, that the couple is in a relationship. They eventually started getting serious and tied the knot in 2018. From meeting each other through a mutual friend to completing almost five years of marriage, the couple has come a long way.

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