How Are Fans Reacting to the Rowan Atkinson “Anxiety Inducing” Comedy ‘Man vs Bee’? Does It Bring Back Mr Bean in All His Glory?

How Are Fans Reacting to the Rowan Atkinson “Anxiety Inducing” Comedy ‘Man vs Bee’? Does It Bring Back Mr Bean in All His Glory?

Rowan Atkinson strikes again, but this time not as Mr. Bean but as Trevor Bingley in Man vs Bee. However, he still has all the traits of Mr.Bean. The hilarious comedy centers on Atkinson and this bee that makes his life difficult. It’s a very simple premise, but with Atkinson headlining it with his top-notch physical comedy, it’s hard not to chuckle at the screen. The new Netflix comedy series has 9 episodes which run for roughly 19-20 minutes each. But did the comedy live up to his fans’ expectations? Let’s find out what they have to say about his latest comedy venture on Netflix. 

What is the plot of the new Atkinson comedy? 

Trevor lands a job with a company that does housesit for millionaires. He is assigned to Nina and Christian’s mansion. But with someone so accident-prone and a mansion full of art pieces and valuables that are worth millions of dollars, it’s definitely not a very good combination. Add a gastrically challenged dog and an annoying bee and you have the recipe for chaos. 

Fans’ reactions to Man vs Bee

The series is already rated 7.5 on IMDb. And most of his fans have reviewed Man vs Bee favorably. 

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What are the critics saying? 

Atkinson’s Trevor is a bumbling stupid with a well-meaning heart. He continuously makes stupid mistakes, is destructive, and makes exaggerated funny expressions. The series can get a little predictable, but it’s Atkinson at the top of his game. Decider writes: “STREAM IT. You certainly need to be in the mood to laugh at slapstick in order to enjoy Man Vs. Bee. But there is no one on the planet who does slapstick better than Rowan Atkinson, and this series shows off all the skills that have made his career so successful.” Elsewhere The Guardian  praised Atkinson’s performance, “The actor is at his comic best as an accident-prone housesitter who goes on a rage spree and destroys a high-tech home in an epic battle.”

Did this “better Bean” live up to your expectations? Tell us in the comments below. 

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