How a Random Encounter With Former CIA Head Inspired Lyrics of Kanye West’s Popular Song

How a Random Encounter With Former CIA Head Inspired Lyrics of Kanye West’s Popular Song

Do fans really need a reminder about the legacy and impact of Kanye West on the music industry? They are no strangers to the fact that the ‘Flashing Lights’ hitmaker is an icon in the world of hip-hop. All of his controversies and problems kept aside, Ye is undeniably one of the most popular rap artists there is. While Ye has always been very experimental when it comes to fashion, the rapper’s creativity in his songs is on a whole new level. Throughout his career, he has given innumerable memorable albums. However, it might surprise you to know that the lyrics to one of Ye’s most popular songs were inspired by a very random encounter the rapper had.

People have witnessed various rappers and artists from the hip-hop world involved in several controversies with the CIA. Kanye West also once encountered the former CIA boss, George Tenet, but he made sure to use the meeting for his benefit. Strange as it sounds, the rapper referenced his meet-up with the CIA boss in his song ‘Clique.’ The song also featured hip-hop Moghul Jay-Z and Big Sean. Ye rapped, “Yeah, I’m talking business, we talking CIA/ I’m talking George Tenet, I seen him the other day/ He asked me about my Maybach, think he had the same.”

A spokesman Bill Harlow later confirmed to Wired that the rapper actually met Tenet. As per Harlow, Ye bumped into Tenet as the CIA boss was leaving New York following a business meeting. While it was an iconic bar by Ye, Harlow later revealed that even though the duo met, they did not have a conversation about Maybach’s. As a matter of fact, the spokesperson added how the CIA boss never had a Maybach. So it is safe to assume that the rapper was merely speculating while he wrote the lines. Meanwhile, describing the iconic meetup, Harlow spoke, “The next thing you know, it’s recorded history.” 

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Throwback to when Kanye West met Donald Trump

Years after his encounter with George Tenet, Ye met another influential and controversial public figure. The rapper had a meeting with former American president Donald Trump back in 2016. Apparently, Ye flew to the Trump Towers to meet the president. The meet-up was rather a surprise to the audience since Ye had been away from the media during the period.

Almost four years later, the rapper contested alongside Donald Trump for the Presidential elections as well. And we all know how the presidential run worked out for the rapper.

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