How a 12-Year-Old Millie Bobby Brown Left a $184 Billion Worth Fast Food Franchise Bamboozled With This Neat Trick?

How a 12-Year-Old Millie Bobby Brown Left a $184 Billion Worth Fast Food Franchise Bamboozled With This Neat Trick?

Fans always thank Netflix’s Original show Stranger Things for bringing a talented kid like Millie Bobby Brown in limelight. The actress decided to walk on the path to a glorious future at a very young age. Now she is one of the leading young actors in Hollywood, with some huge movie roles, like Enola Holmes and Damsel.

Keeping up with the ways of the entertainment industry isn’t an easy task for child artists. But Millie always knew how to balance her career and be this mischievous kid at the same time. From playing with her younger sister to pranking people on set, she is a charmer. But did you know how a 12-year-old Millie left a $184 Billion worth of Fast Food Franchise bamboozled with this neat trick? 

Millie Bobby Brown pranked an employee with her accent game

Years before fame, Millie Bobby Brown sat down with the cast and crew of Intruders to talk about her acting skills. In the interview, all the members praised the 12-year-old actress who astounded them with her raw and spontaneous acting. During the conversation, Brown opened up about how she pranked an employee at McDonald’s.

“The other day I was at McDonald’s and my dad was like you can pay and you can order,” explained Brown.

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So the young star went to place an order and switched her accent from American to British to confuse the employee. Moreover, she added it is easy for her to switch languages as she always practices for it. Well, it is certainly an easy peasy thing for the Stranger Things star since she is a British native while she works in America. Therefore, she has achieved mastery in both accents and can talk in whatever way she likes.

Meanwhile, fans will soon get to see two British actors resolving a deadly mystery side by side. Enola Holmes 2 is ready to arrive on Netflix on November, 4, 2022. Are you excited about Enola Holmes 2? What do you think about the multi-talented star? Let us know in the comment section.

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