“HOLY CRAP ITS TRUE”: Josh Keaton Rejoices In Happiness As Netflix Brings His Beloved Marvel Animated Series On Netflix

“HOLY CRAP ITS TRUE”: Josh Keaton Rejoices In Happiness As Netflix Brings His Beloved Marvel Animated Series On Netflix

Marvel introduced a whole new universe of entertainment to people almost a century ago, unaware that this superhero comic would become an irreplaceable legacy. They transformed these fictional comics into real-life action and animated movies and series like Doctor Strange, What If…?, etc. The arrival of new superheroes captured the attention of viewers instantly, making Marvel the king of the superhero genre. And Netflix has several of these movies and series, including The Spectacular Spider-Man.

Did you just take a second look at the previous sentence? Well, you aren’t the only one surprised by the addition of the animated series on Netflix US. Renowned Josh Keaton was just as shocked. 

The Spectacular Spider-Man has finally arrived on Netflix

When Josh Keaton came to know that Netflix added fan-favorite animation series The Spectacular Spider-Man, he, like other fans, couldn’t believe it was for real. The voice actor ended up logging into his Netflix account to factcheck the news and did what everyone does when they have shocking news to share: He tweeted it.


Josh himself is a Spidey fan and was shocked to see this 2008 series streaming. Many fans have missed the show after its abrupt closure. Keaton seemed extremely excited about the release because he has voiced the character of Peter Parker. 

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The Spectacular Spider-Man was created by Greg Welsman and Victor Cook, interpreting the story of Peter Parker, whose life gets transformed after a radioactive spider bites him. In addition, the series includes stars like Grey Griffin, Vanessa Marshall, Josh Keaton, and Lacey Chabert. For people who haven’t watched it yet, this is the best chance to catch up. 

Why should you watch the Spider-Man series?

If the story of Spider-Man verse didn’t convince you to watch the animated series, come take a look at the reviews the series received. IMDb has given it an 8.3 rating based on 64 user reviews, and Rotten Tomatoes has a weighted score of 100% on the Tomatometer and 96% on viewership indicating “highly favorable reviews.

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Whereas CBR called it “possibly the greatest incarnation of Spider-Man of all time,appreciating the sensational acting, dialogue formation, and impactful presentation of Peter Parker. From the looks of it, The Spectacular Spider-Man will definitely bring you excitement and entertainment-packed in 13 episodes. It is worth giving a shot.

Go stream both the seasons currently streaming on Netflix US only.

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