‘Hold Tight’: The Netflix Harlan Coben Adaptation Is a Desperate Search for a Missing Son Where Everyone Is a Suspect

‘Hold Tight’: The Netflix Harlan Coben Adaptation Is a Desperate Search for a Missing Son Where Everyone Is a Suspect

Netflix literally takes no time to produce new content. Just a few months into the new year and four days into April, we already have great shows and movies ready to be released, with dozens in the making. For the month of April, Netflix has a thriller in store for us Hold Tight.

A new trailer for the series with a release date has just been released, and it looks like April is going to be full of thrill.

Hold Tight on Netflix

Netflix seems to be in love with adapting books into series. Look at Pieces of Her. Netflix just loves thriller novels. But more than that they love Harlan Coben novels.

Six Harlan Coben adaptations are already on Netflix, and another is on the way. Just an hour ago Netflix has released the trailer for its newest Harlan adaptation Hold Tight.

The series is set in Warsaw and follows a teenage kid who goes missing, causing his mother to go on a perilous mission to find him. Micha Gazda and Bartosz Konopka directs the series, which stars Magdalena Boczarska and Leszek Lichota.

As soon as we tune in to the trailer we get the sense of how high paced the series will be. Throughout the trailer, we see that everyone is a suspect in the series. As a result, there is a sense of uneasiness from the beginning till the end.

The show will start streaming on Netflix on the 22nd of April.

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Watch the trailer for the series right below:

Other Harlan Coben adaptations for you to stream

Harlan Coben’s Netflix programs usually have us hooked to the couch, and his five-year agreement with the streaming giant doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

He struck a multimillion-dollar five-year contract with Netflix in 2018 to adapt 14 of his books into television shows, some of which have already aired. Here are some of Harlan Coben’s shows you can binge on before Hold Tight releases.

Safe, The StrangerThe WoodsThe InnocentGone For Good, and Stay Close.

So will you be streaming Hold Tight or not? Let us know in the comments.

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