Hit CBS Series ‘Criminal Minds’ Is Leaving Netflix, Where Can You Watch It Now?

Hit CBS Series ‘Criminal Minds’ Is Leaving Netflix, Where Can You Watch It Now?

Yes! It is shocking news for fans that the famous crime procedural Criminal Minds will soon be parting with Netflix. With 15 long-winded seasons, the drama has taken a forever place in people’s lives. The show received extraordinary acclaim from the audience from 2005 to 2020 on Netflix. However, this revelation of the show leaving Netflix might break their hearts. As viewers have become addicted to the show for a long time now. 

The super FBI squad of Criminal Minds is leaving Netflix

The intense series with an elite group of FBI agents who have outnumbered several other shows on Netflix for more than a decade. Criminal Minds had an impactful journey involving the twisted investigations and untraceable steps of lunatic brains. Although it was always a win-win for the sharp-minded agents who tackled the situations with proper schemes and astounding actions. The profilers dive into the dangerous minds of serial killers and psychopaths who have committed atrocious crimes. Also, some of the profilers became favorites to viewers including Jennifer Jareau played by  A. J. Cook and the character of Spencer Reis played by Matthew Gray Gubler. 

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According to Variety, the show received 33.9 billion minutes watched in 2021 breaking the records of superhit shows like Bridgerton and Squid Games. Despite all the amazing things viewers have experienced in the series it will be leaving us on June 29, 2022. Although the viewers still have until June to take a quick review and binge-watch all the 12 seasons streaming on Netflix. 

Are any other streamers going to launch Criminal Minds?

Saying goodbye to a favorite show is as difficult as parting with your loved ones. Moreover, the show will still be available on other platforms if viewers wish to keep the show on their watchlists. Paramount+, a primary partner with CBS Media Ventures, will be streaming all the seasons of Criminal Minds whereas seasons 13-15 can be found on Hulu.

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Besides, the viewers shouldn’t feel disheartened by the bad news because the source of entertainment is a never-ending path on Netflix! Viewers can always keep them entertained by finding the list of best shows on Netflix. There are top trending shows like Stranger Things, The Witcher, Ozark, The Lincoln Lawyer, and many more. Go check what’s streaming on the top 10 now and find your new beloved show.

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