“He’s naughty”- Ana de Armas Drop Truth Bombs About ‘Knives Out’ and ‘Ghosted’ Co-Star Chris Evans at the Oscars Champagne Carpet

“He’s naughty”- Ana de Armas Drop Truth Bombs About ‘Knives Out’ and ‘Ghosted’ Co-Star Chris Evans at the Oscars Champagne Carpet

The Oscars night has the best of celebrities doused in fashion and mingling with the media. With the world watching the 95th Academy Awards, fans are not only sharing their favorite nominees but also the other fun rounds of interviews on the red carpets. The media strolled around, giving a sneak peek inside the event, and one of the actresses they brought to attention was the Blonde lead Ana de Armas.

The Cuban-Spanish actress became the center of attention after slaying the role of Marilyn Monroe. But it was Chris Evans that she spoke about, revealing how naughty he was during their shoots.

Oscar nominee Ana de Armas gets candid about working with co-star Chris Evans

The Oscars this year moved ahead with a more positive spirit, with some powerful nominees and performances. But adding to that are the little bits of questionnaires with the dazzling stars. Variety’s presenter Marc Malkin asked the 34-year-old actress about her first meeting with Chris Evans. She revealed how much fun it was to work with him on Knives Out and Ghosted. The actress admired his creativity and positive spirit. Knowing Evan’s personality, the interviewer asked whether he was a prankster.

The Blade Runner 2049 actress seemed confused with the question before giving a big yes. He’s naughty,” was her short answer, before breaking into laughter. She also admired her co-star for being saucy. While the actress credited him, she herself was nominated for the Best Actress Award for her role in the 2022 movie Blonde.

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While they have worked on two projects together, one has already proven to be a success with another one on the way.

What we can expect from Ghosted after Knives Out

The Daniel Craig multi-starred movie was of a humorous and mysterious theme that starred both Armas and Evans. It has also been nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay this year. Meanwhile, the actors are set to romance each other in the romantic action movie Ghosted. The flick is set to be released in April 2023. It is being co-produced by Apple Studios, with the film being shot in Atlanta. It will portray Evan’s character falling head over heels for Armas’ character, who turns out to be a secret agent. Thereon, their love sets them on a worldly journey of adventure.

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