“He’s a lovely man”- Henry Cavill Gushes With Happiness as Zack Snyder, the Man Who Made Him Man of Steel Throws Questions at Him

“He’s a lovely man”- Henry Cavill Gushes With Happiness as Zack Snyder, the Man Who Made Him Man of Steel Throws Questions at Him

Apart from Henry Cavill, there is one person that fans want in Man of Steel 2. The actor has proved to be a hero not just for Superman but also for DC by being their face in the last few years. He reprised his role as the savior in Cape in several of their future projects including Batman vs Superman, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and his latest Black Adam.

Now, talks of Man of Steel 2 are making headlines. The actor maintained his silence over it so far and fans cannot contain their excitement anymore. Though there is one more person that they went to see in the latest project.

Fans want to see this entity work along with Henry Cavill for DCEU

After the massive success of the 2013 movie Man of Steel, Henry Cavill is confirmed for Man of Steel 2. He recently appeared in an interview discussing his latest project. During this, the interviewer presented a surprise message from Zack Snyder, the director of Man of Steel. Snyder had a question for Cavill, “Did it feel odd flying, just there in front of the green screen flying“, while also wanting to know whether it turned out the way he had intended.

Cavill answered it with, “He is a lovely man and I am enormously appreciative for everything he has done for me.” Though he had to hang over mid-air above the field, it was interesting overall. Moving on Henry did let out how the sequel will show a lighter Superman, as compared to Zack Snyder’s version.

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But some fans are adamant about wanting to see the director be a part of it. The project is just at square one now, with no announcement of a finalized director or writer made as of yet. As the team searches to fill the many positions, possibilities for every role are vast.

Snyder had previously left the Justice League project due to a personal situation. DC has no plans for continuing with him so far, but perhaps they will listen to fans now? Especially since their mega project Black Adam has not picked up at the box office as per expectations.

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