Here’s Why ‘Stranger Things’ Star Joseph Quinn Needed Reassurance From Fellow Co-star Joe Keery

Here’s Why ‘Stranger Things’ Star Joseph Quinn Needed Reassurance From Fellow Co-star Joe Keery

Joseph Quinn’s turn in Stranger Things made him a household name overnight. He had joined the cast only in the fourth season as Eddie, the nerdy metalhead. But within a few minutes of his introduction, fans had already taken up with his character. He was so convincing in his role as Eddie that many fans were unaware that he was British. The actor recently shared his story of spiraling out of control only to get help from co-star Joe Keery to master the American accent.

Joseph Quinn panicked about his American accent

Joseph Quinn was so deep into his character that he wanted to do everything right down to the accent. He revealed that he felt like a complete sociopath when he started obsessing over his accent on the Off Menu podcast. But only Steve actor Joe could calm down a panicked Quinn

“I was talking to Joe Keery, and at one point, I was so deep in it, and he was like, ‘Dude, I can’t save you, but I promise you it’s gonna be fine,'” said Quinn. 

More brownie points for Joe and Quinn for nailing that accent!

Quinn isn’t the only British actor that flies down to Indiana to film the Duffer brothers’ show. Millie Bobby Brown and Charlie Heaton are all British. But all three of them will make you think otherwise with their hold over the accent. 

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Will Eddie return in season 5 of Stranger Things?

There is no possibility of Eddie returning in Stranger Things season 5. If we consider him returning as a ghost, then it’s likely. Billy also made an appearance as Max’s hallucination after all. Eddie started out as a coward but slowly grew as a character over the episodes. Although his time was cut short at Hawkins, he had a heroic death saving Dustin and the others. 

Maybe if he had made out alive, we could have seen Dustin, Steve, and Eddie take up the bromance level a notch.

What do you think of Quinn’s accent in Stranger Things? Share your thoughts with us.

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