Here’s Where Prince William and Kate Middleton Spend Their Weekends! The Wales Reveal first Details of Their Dream Country Home

Here’s Where Prince William and Kate Middleton Spend Their Weekends! The Wales Reveal first Details of Their Dream Country Home

Apart from King Charles and the usual chaos surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Prince William has been completely focused on what he does. He never gave his responsibilities as the future King to Britain’s throne to suffer any kind of setback and has come back stronger every time with a major blow. This time his wife, Kate Middleton is seemingly walking shoulder to shoulder with her husband, taking some load off his head. 

Nonetheless, during the course of the same, Kate Middleton and Prince William do not forget to prioritize one another above everything. After having made their latest appearance at Leeds, the Prince and Princess of Wales have something more personal to share. This time it is not any revelation or a confession to make but something bigger than what was expected of them. 

Prince William reveals details about his peaceful country home in Norfolk 

The eldest son and daughter-in-law of the UK’s Monarchy just gave us a glimpse into their dream country home. Now we know where the Wales family spends their weekends away from the regularity of Kensington. According to Hello Magazine, the Prince of Wales made a secret visit to the East of England at Norfolk. After having paid their tributes to their fallen subjects, they were headed to their residence at the place. 

The memorial visit was owing to the death of a thousand people who lost their lives to a devastating flood of 1953. Regardless, speaking of their home, the same is situated within a three-hour distance from the memorial. Their home in Norfolk is reportedly called Anmer Hall. However, this time it was just Prince William alone. His wife Kate Middleton and their three up and growing and children stayed back at Kensington.

Their place in Norfolk is the perfect description of what a luxury home might look like. The house consists of 10 King Size bedrooms and is actually bigger than their traditional residence in Kensington. Prince William could not help but once gush about it elaborating on how peaceful it is from the rest of the world. Had the mother of three with their children visited the place, it would have been a beautiful family recreation on the Weekend

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