Here’s the Simplest Recap of ‘Russian Doll’ Season 1 Before Season 2 Arrives on Netflix

Here’s the Simplest Recap of ‘Russian Doll’ Season 1 Before Season 2 Arrives on Netflix

We often stumble upon shows and movies that are about coming to terms with one’s past. Be it mistakes done to oneself or unfortunate incidents a person might find themselves in, almost everyone has a mental checklist of things they wish they had done differently. Well, for Nadia and Alan, these regrets manifested into a loop they never would have seen coming. But, between the time and the time loops, the Netflix Original gets confusing. So, here’s the simplest possible recap of Russian Doll season 1.

Russian Doll season 1 recap- the beginning of the circle

What most fans might remember of the Netflix series is the gist of the show. Like many other time loop series and movies we have seen on the screens before, Russian Doll features a character who must relive the same night that ends with her death. Each night, Nadia, a software engineer, follows the kind of loop that characters in the video game she has created are going through. She wakes up and lives through the night only to find death by the time the sun arrives. And then she wakes up unscathed yet again.

All of this seems to change slightly when Nadia runs into a man named Alan. Although very different, the two are in a similar situation of going through the loops. They realize that to break free, they need to deal with their past traumas. The two need to right their initial wrongs. For Alan, it is about taking accountability for his own despair and coming to terms with it rather than blaming others. As for Nadia, this involves digging up the past surrounding her mother’s death and the damage it inflicted upon her.

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How did the season end?

Just as they break free and fans expect the show to come to a slow end, the Netflix Original takes a turn. Nadia finds Alan on the brink of suicide. Alan, on the other hand, runs into Nadia when she first was about to die. They both are meeting previous versions of each other. Although difficult, this time around they must help the other overcome their respective traumas.

The show is set to have 3 seasons. In the upcoming season of Russian Doll, we will see how Nadia and Alan do going forward and perhaps even see into the past.

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Now that you’ve reached the end of Russian Doll season 1 recap, here’s your cue to brace yourself for season 2 that will appear on the screens of Netflix on April 20, 2022.

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