Here’s One Thing Otis Does In Every Season of ‘Sex Education’, and It’s Not Falling For Maeve

Here’s One Thing Otis Does In Every Season of ‘Sex Education’, and It’s Not Falling For Maeve

Netflix smash-hit Sex Education has only arrived after a 20-month wait. Although some of cast members didn’t show up, others have graced the show with their presence. It was last year’s September that the fiery tales of Moordale was last heard. Season 3 was left in a cliffhanger so we are all excited to know what happens next, aren’t we?

After secondary high gets over, Otis and Eric now find themselves in a challenging position in a new college. While all they all take their time to adjust with the college life, Otis Milburn has something more to worry about. And it’s not new in season 4, but has been continuing since the beginning that you all forgot to notice. Let’s tell you what it was.

Along with the new college in Sex Education, here’s another thing to worry about

Otis Milburn in Sex Education, the awkward teenager who could never settle with his mom’s interference in his sexual life, is in troubled waters again. Recently in Twitter, the official account of Netflix uploaded a tweet that said Otis was an outfit repeater. Yes, you heard it right!

Since the beginning, this main character of Sex Education has been doing all over and over again. No, it’s not falling for Maeve but something else. He’s an outfit repeater! Some also say it’s not even helping him really well. Moreover, while Otis adjusts himself at Cavendish, Maeve is living her life in the prestigious Wallace University in the US. Along with this difference, the outfit isn’t attractive for him anymore.

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what more can be expected from season 4?

Otis and Maeve have had an on and off relationship ever since the beginning of the show. All of it started as they happened to be in the same English class. With all of the hilarious happenings of their biology classes, the two managed to come even closer since then. In the third season, however, Maeve doesn’t like Otis’s casual flings. Eric and Adam are now a thing, and Jean is expecting.

Not only these, there’s a stockpile of other surprises that await you on season 4. The previous season skirted around some unanswered questions but don’t worry, it’ll all be sorted out here.

Are you excited for season 4? What are your theories for the upcoming season? Let us know in the comments.

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