Here Are All the Red Flags in Love Is Blind Season 2 That Need to Be Called Out

Here Are All the Red Flags in Love Is Blind Season 2 That Need to Be Called Out

Reality shows are a breeding ground for dramas, and not to lie we were expecting drama from Love is Blind. But well, the pod dating show has delivered well beyond our expectations! Here are some red flags that contestants clearly overlooked during the entire run of the show. 

Natalie accepting his Shayne’s proposal after he mistakes her for Shaina

Confusing your date’s name when you are on a date with her is not cool, Shayne. Natalie was clearly upset, but nonetheless, she accepted his proposal. They ended up hurting each other. Shayne gaslights her while she hurts him with sarcastic comments. 

Shaina equals drama in Love is Blind season 2

The amount of red flags that Shaina has given in the show is unlimited. She got engaged to her second choice, Kyle, then confessed her feelings to Shayne. After Shayne and Natalie got engaged, she actively tried to sabotage their relationship. She later admitted that she held back her feelings for Shayne, which led to this whole fiasco. 

Just Shake being Shake in Love is Blind season 2

Calling his partner not sexually attractive, and making a pass at Vanessa Lachey: What can be more problematic? His shallow views on love, women, and appearance. The guy has a thing for blondes but ends up courting Deepti. His invasive questions were a major red flag in the first few minutes of Love is Blind season 2. 

Jarrett fluctuating between Mallory and Iyanna 

Before Jarrett popped the question to Iyanna, he had his heart broken by Mallory. However, the two of them got intimate in Mexico, flirting and touching each other. Jarrett clearly had residual feelings for Mallory much to Iyanna’s chagrin. 

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Nick trying to change Danielle 

Sometimes opposites attract, sometimes it doesn’t. The latter was true for Nick and Danielle. The couple ended up constantly fighting with Nick trying to change Danielle to make her his ideal fiancé. Not to mention that guy was sweating bullets on their wedding day! 

Kyle abandons his core values on Love is Blind season 2

The poor guy ate meat despite following a strictly vegetarian diet for eight years. He let go of his core values for Shaina. But Shaina ends up leaving him because he’s an atheist, and she wants a Christian husband. 

Sal’s ex showing up

Sal and Mallory’s relationship hit a rock when his ex shows up. Apparently, Sal went on just one date with him and his ex was already upset with him dating Mallory.

Which of these was a bigger red flag? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.

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