“Henry is not the troublemaker here” – Millie Bobby Brown Praises Reel-life Brother Henry Cavill Over a Chaotic Question

“Henry is not the troublemaker here” – Millie Bobby Brown Praises Reel-life Brother Henry Cavill Over a Chaotic Question

Ahead of Enola Holmes‘ release, interviews with Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown have been making the most noise. Hollywood enthusiasts and the Stranger Things fandom have been eagerly waiting for both megastars to come together once again on screen. Therefore, any event that gives an insight into the show has been the talk of the town for a while. 

Likewise, Brown and Cavill recently graced Good Morning America dressed in all white. We would like to tell you that it turned out to be one of the most hilariously wholesome interviews ever. While answering a slew of fun questions, the 18-year-old revealed some facts about her reel-brother Cavill. 

Millie Bobby Brown only has praises for Henry Cavill 

After a lot of insights into the upcoming movie, the hosts of the show wanted to wrap it up with some interesting questions. Following the same, they asked the British A-listers about who the troublemaker on set was. The answer came as easily as it could. Brown instantly pointed at Cavill saying, “Henry is very focused.” She had also previously explained how dedicated he is on sets too. Therefore, “Henry is not the troublemaker here,” Brown replied. 

Brown seemingly could not stop gushing about The Witcher star. She also explained the massive difference between Cavill and herself in this aspect. Expressing how easily a passing squirrel diverts her, the actress confirmed the answer: The troublemaker out of the two is definitely she. Before answering anything else, the Stranger Things star praised how the Superman actor, in fact, is the favorite of all on the sets. 

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In the entirety of the interview, it could be sensed that Brown and Cavill have already formed a kind of sibling relationship in real life too. They could not stop teasing and fooling around with each other. You can notice this yourself in the interview pinned above.

Do you agree that Brown is the troublemaker among the two? What do you think about the bond the two actors seem to have? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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