Henry Cavill to make a complete 180 turn? From saving the world to becoming a major obstacle in John Krasinski’s path

Henry Cavill to make a complete 180 turn? From saving the world to becoming a major obstacle in John Krasinski’s path

Superman’s absence from the screen since 2017 raised some eyebrows among the fans. It had given fans reasons to speculate about Henry Cavill’s status in the DCEU. They were rightfully worried about their favorite hero adding fuel to the fire; reports suggested that Henry Cavill had met with Marvel. 

Meanwhile, reportedly Warner Bros wanted Cavill to reprise his role but wasn’t quite happy with Cavill’s increasing price tag. Amidst all such speculations and fan art demonstrating the hunk in different superhero characters, D23 Expo revealed that the actor and Marvel studio did ultimately reach a deal during their meet-up!

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Henry Cavill to play Doctor Doom in Marvel 

At the D23 expo, the next panel of the cast was revealed that would lead Marvel’s phase 6. And the expo announced that Henry Cavill would suit up for Marvel’s Doctor Doom! 

Prior to this, a tweet had hinted at Henry’s entry into Marvel but hadn’t revealed his role in the MCU.

After reports of the actor’s meeting with Marvel last year, rumors spread that the hunk was going to play Reed Richards in the much anticipated Fantastic Four. But John Krasinski’s appearance in Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness extinguished all hopes. Then again, fan art of Cavill as Hyperion caused rumors of him appearing in Loki 2.

And we all know that didn’t happen. Nonetheless, this is a complete detour for the actor. From playing the morally upright Superman, the actor has chosen to take on a darker role. Dr. Doom, or Victor Von Doom, is the main antagonist of the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and Avengers comic book series. We can surely see the appeal of the character.

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Currently, the actor has just wrapped up filming The Witcher 3, and his film with Millie Bobby Brown will head to Netflix later this year. Even though he missed out on Krasinski in playing Reed Richards, we can’t wait to see the two fight it out together on screen! 

Do you think he’s better suited to play Doctor Doom than Hyperion?

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