“Gotta Keep on watching” – Henry Cavill Shares How He And His Girlfriend Natalie Got Hooked On To Netflix’s ‘Arcane’

“Gotta Keep on watching” – Henry Cavill Shares How He And His Girlfriend Natalie Got Hooked On To Netflix’s ‘Arcane’

Henry Cavill is hooked up! Well, not only to his girlfriend Natalie Viscuso but also to many other activities that the actor finds immensely interesting. And it seems like not just the meaningful matters of life but the British actor tends to find joy even in the trivial things such as binge-watching his favorite shows and spending time with his girlfriend or his beloved pet, Cal.

From building a PC of his own to being a gaming geek, the world knows Cavill to be the most multi-talented and adventurous actor Hollywood has ever got. The Mission: Impossible actor does not shy away from trying new things, big or small, and finding subtle fun in life through such leisurely activities. Notably, this time around it is Netflix’s animated series that caught all of his and his girlfriend’s attention and admiration.

Henry Cavill on how he and his girlfriend loved one of Netflix’s brand-new animated series:

Both the Sherlock Siblings, Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill are currently celebrating the Enola Holmes mania. A major part of it includes appearing in various interviews and talking about their much-loved detective gig. Notably, just on the day of the movie’s release, the Superman actor had an extensive talk with BBC One’s film critic Ali Plumb. And the first question Plumb shot at him right off the bat was if Cavill liked the Netflix animated series, Arcane.

Cavill, taking no time at all, explicitly told the critic that he loved the show. He further said just one episode into the show was enough to make him fall in love with it. Moreover, the 39-year-old British actor shared that when his girlfriend said it is time for bed, he immediately declined it saying, No, no, nope. We should keep on watching.”

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Natalie too agreed with him and the two lovebirds surely would have had a beautiful Netflix binge-watching night. He then thanked Plumb to introduce the series to him else he may have missed some interesting stuff out there.

Have you watched Arcane? Do you agree with the most handsome Sherlock Holmes ever? Do let us know in the comment section below.

Meanwhile, Enola Holmes 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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