Henry Cavill Shares a Picture From His “Private Collection” Taken On the Sets of the Witcher

Henry Cavill Shares a Picture From His “Private Collection” Taken On the Sets of the Witcher

A good amount of days have now passed since The Witcher made its return on Netflix. We today look back to the time when Henry Cavill took to Instagram to share an image of himself in Geralt’s costume. Henry Cavill aka The Witcher seemed to enjoy his time sharing such images with his fans.

Season 2 of the Netflix Original picked up right where season 1 ended, at Sodden Hill. Geralt somehow survived the battle and was united with Ciri at the end of the episode. The new season saw him and Ciri travel to the mountain stronghold of Kaer Morhen; which also is the home to the School of the Wolf. Geralt had to train the princess for all the horrors that await her. Meanwhile, Geralt was unaware of Yennefer surviving the Battle of Sodden Hill.

This new season of The Witcher saw Henry Cavill take a fresh approach to his character, as Geralt communicated more this season than the previous one. We will also saw many fresh faces joining the already spectacular cast of the show, giving us all the more reasons to watch it.

Henry Cavill: The Witcher behind the scene photo

Cavill shared a really interesting-looking picture on Instagram of himself in the costume of Geralt. It seems to be from the part where Ciri and Geralt travel to  Kaer Morhen, as the stronghold lies on a high-altitude mountain. We can see Geralt wearing a hood, and his Witcher Medallion is also visible in the picture.

Cavill doesn’t shame away from showing off his love for his work. He teased Warhammer while posting about The Witcher. He wrote, “A little something from my private collection. I can’t decide if this belongs in a Witcher or a Warhammer section…. maybe both? Neoth perhaps?? #TheWitcher #Geralt #ObscureWarhammerReference,See for yourself:

While this image gave us no clue or hints about the upcoming season of The Witcher, Henry Cavill sure ignited our interest in watching it. Have you streamed The Witcher season 2 yet?

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