Henry Cavill Once Faced A Gruesome Death In The Horror Franchise Of ‘Hellraiser’

Henry Cavill Once Faced A Gruesome Death In The Horror Franchise Of ‘Hellraiser’

Fans have always seen their beloved superstar Henry Cavill wearing strong suits and fighting wars. The man who fears nothing and fights valiantly no matter how powerful evil comes in the way. Certainly, those muscles have taken the weight of humanity several times, from Superman movies to The Witcher world. While there is no doubt that the actor has created waves in Hollywood over the last decades with his talent. The Enola Holmes star always dedicates his time and energy whenever he takes up a role.

But this journey has a long way back. Before his rise to prominence, Henry has done roles that you might have never seen. Have you seen him frightened or anxious like normal people? Or dying a brutal death? Well, he once faced a gruesome death in the horror franchise Hellraiser. Let’s take a look to know everything about his character.

Henry Cavill once starred in the gory Hellraiser sequel

The Hellraiser supernatural horror franchise is famous for its goriness and sadistic presentation. Based on the novella by Clive Barker, all the movies revolve around the primary antagonist, Pinhead. Hellraiser has given gothic fans four theatrical films and six straight-to-home video films till now.

Although it has been a long time since viewers since the franchise created a lasting impact on pop culture, moreover, this might be surprising for many that Henry Cavill was cast in the eighth installment titled Hellraiser: Hellworld (2005).

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The Witcher star portrayed the role of Mike, who was addicted to an online Hellraiser game. His character has a very horrific death in the movie when he goes to a Hellraiser-themed party with his friends. The teenage character is impaled and left swinging on a giant hook to death.

However, the movie did not come out to be a critical success, and neither has Cavill been seen speaking about this role. In an interview, Paul T. Taylor once told Screen Geek“I mean there’s only one thing I really do and that’s, you know, make hooks and chains hurl from nowhere and catch your flesh and tear you apart.” 

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He also added that he would make Man of Steel bleed if there was ever a fight between Superman and Pinhead. Meanwhile, the good news for the followers of this classic franchise is that it will soon make a comeback with its scary and tense storyline.

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