Henry Cavill Once Excited Mia Khalifa to Drop a Comment on His Video in 2018

Henry Cavill Once Excited Mia Khalifa to Drop a Comment on His Video in 2018

There was a time when clean-shaven men used to look attractive. But now, women tend to get attracted to men with beards. Well, did you know once Henry Cavill shaved his mustache along with the beard? Well, yes. But the most amazing thing about this British actor is that he can slay the look with and without a beard. Charm seems to be working as a synonym for the actor. Back in 2018, when Cavill shaved his beard, he attracted one of the most attractive females named Mia Khalifa.

Henry Cavill is majorly famous for his role in the Netflix Original fantasy show, The Witcher. His character, Geralt of Rivia, has long hair and an amazing fit physique. Moreover, the actor played Superman, a DC Comics character in several DC films. Dwayne Johnson said Cavill was the perfect Superman ever owing to his perfect combat skills and muscular body. While everyone agrees with the statement by The Rock, do ever notice Superman also does not possess a beard or mustache?

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Henry Cavill excited Mia Khalifa to drop a comment on his video

Even his Man of Steel co-star, Amy Adams was charmed by Cavill’s sexiness. The world’s second most handsome man alive once posted a video of himself on his Instagram handle revealing he had clean-shaved his face. While fans were already drooling over the same, media personalities like Mia Khalife also, could not control their urge.

With the caption #ShavedButNotForgotten, Cavill grieved his former look. Not only us, but the actor himself also had trouble recognizing himself without the King stache. He, in fact, went on to assure fans that it was not the CGI. Despite him being really gone, he would always remember the former look of his former beloved character. However, the surprising fact was that Mia Khalifa, a former p*rnographic film actress, also commented on the post saying, “Cavill” some with laughing emojis.

sadly, the tweet is now deleted but as per other publications, Khalifa’s reaction was hilarious. Nevertheless, with or without a beard, Cavill already owns the hearts of his fans. Those are the fans who fought for him. Those fans signed a petition to get him back to The Witcher and as Superman as well. Everyone was under the impression that Superman would disappear after his departure from both his iconic roles. However, fortunately, we will see him in another of his passion project Warhammer 40,000 with Amazon.

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While we await more details about The Tudors actor’s upcoming projects, tell us what you think about his look. Share your favorite character portrayed by the actor in the comment box below.

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