Henry Cavill Might Join the James Bond Franchise, but Not as the Famous ‘007’ Detective

Henry Cavill Might Join the James Bond Franchise, but Not as the Famous ‘007’ Detective

Fans wanted their favorite British actor to play the famous James Bond for a long time now. Especially after his exit from The Witcher and DCU, fans thought now would be the time when they would see Henry Cavill as the next James Bond. However, it did not happen yet. But the actor might appear in the next 007 film in a more interesting role. 

It is not hidden that the 39-year-old actor himself wanted to play James Bond for a long time now. But somehow, it is not happening at all. But there might be some good news for you all. According to the Giant Freakin Robot, Cavill is in talks to play the villain in the forthcoming Bond movie. However, it is not known which villain he would play yet. But given the franchise’s history, the character must be someone exotic and eccentric.

While fans have seen the tough side of The Witcher star in Mission Impossible – Fallout. They must be excited to know about his involvement in the upcoming 007 movie. While many of you must have thought of the actor portraying the famous detective, considering his strong ‘reloading’ fists, he would also be an amazing villain. After Daniel Craig, for a long time, the Enola Holmes actor was considered to play James Bond, among several others. However, due to specific asks from the creators, the chances seemed slim.

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Now that it is pretty much confirmed that Cavill play Bond villian, the hopes of him playing the iconic secret agent have been dashed. However, the actor will still don the hat of an agent like James Bond in his upcoming movies.

Which other Bond-like character will Henry Cavill play?

After his exit from the most heroic characters of Geralt of Rivia and Superman, fans assumed he would now appear as James Bond. While their dream did not come true, Henry Cavill accepted a Bond-like role in The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare. It is set in a war time, and interestingly, it is an action spy film.

While viewers have seen Cavill as a spy in The Man from U.N.C.L.E., did you know the film is coming up with a sequel as well? Moreover, another war movie that the 39-year-old actor would be a part of is Argylle, in which he will play a secret agent as well. Apart from these Bond-like characters, the Man of Steel actor is also living his nerd dream with Amazon Studios. He is going to star in the live-action adaptation of Warhammer 40K.

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While fans are also excited to know about his involvement in the upcoming Avatar film, which project by the actor are you excited about? Do you also want to know which villain he would play in the upcoming 007 film? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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