Henry Cavill Leaves Some Obvious Hints for Joining a Major Fan-Favorite Franchise, and It’s NOT the MCU

Henry Cavill Leaves Some Obvious Hints for Joining a Major Fan-Favorite Franchise, and It’s NOT the MCU

While the exit from the DCEU and The Witcher has made his fans extremely disappointed, Henry Cavill might join another huge franchise in the future. Ever since he exited from one of the most loved comic universes, fans have been waiting for the British actor to join the MCU. However, that is not what we are talking about.

As soon as The Witcher actor left the show, fans were outraged and demanded the showrunners bring him back. Although fans showcased the same outrage when they heard the news about James Gunn axing Superman. Although after not continuing with these franchises, Cavill didn’t lose hope. And as a result, the actor became a part of Amazon’s live-action adaptation of Warhammer 40,000. And now, the English actor left obvious hints about him joining another fan-favorite franchise.

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Is Henry Cavill moving on with a bang?

Till now, viewers have seen Cavill in shows and films that required physical toughness. Therefore, the actor has set an image of himself as an action hero in the minds of his fans. While once, his fans predicted perfect roles for him in the Star Wars films, this time, we might really get to see the actor in the films. Recently, Gary Whitta posted a picture with Henry Cavill hanging out somewhere in LA.

Gary Whitta is none other than the person who had written the first draft of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. However, it might be a beautiful coincidence between two nerds bumping into each other. Or else, it could be a fortunately planned meeting to discuss the possibilities of working together. However, we wouldn’t want to get your hopes high, as according to EPICSTREAM, Whitta hasn’t been an active participant in the franchise for quite some time now.

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Although there is nothing wrong with imagining the possibility of the 39-year-old actor appearing as either Sith or Jedi. If Cavill will be a part of this franchise, we can only imagine how tremendous it would be! While we await any further details about this, share your views with us.

Which character do you think suits him the most from this franchise?

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