Henry Cavill Gears Up for ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel, While DC Also Promises More Batman Villains

Henry Cavill Gears Up for ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel, While DC Also Promises More Batman Villains

A lot of talks and rumors have been going around about the return of Henry Cavill to the DC Universe. But fans of the hero have been praying day and night for Superman to come home and be the Man of Steel once again. Well, what if we tell you it might become true? Yes, it is understandable if you jumped out of joy and became happy.

The Witcher star is busy in the production of the upcoming season of one of the most successful historical Netflix Original. There were also rumors about Henry negotiating for the Marvel role as well. However, now as Dwayne Johnson is coming as the Black Adam star, is there any chance of Henry’s return to the DC Universe?

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Is Henry Cavill really coming back as Superman?

As we all know, there were speculations and a lot of uncertainty about his return as Superman. But according to this source, there are possibilities of the Man of Steel sequel starring our beloved Henry Cavill. With Dwayne Johnson’s film, Black Adam, it might be possible Superman will have a cameo in this movie.

Well, if that is true, then this will be the official return of the most awaited character to the Universe. If Man of Steel 2 is officially on board, now we have to wait for the confirmation regarding whether it is a cameo or an individual film. According to the source, the filmmakers are currently looking for writers for the next Superman movie. So, that is a positive official confirmation.

Meanwhile, DC has officially promised more of Batman as well. Matt Reeves is on board with the film and ready to serve more Batman villains to fans.

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If Henry is back as Superman, we hope he would celebrate once again but a little differently. Time will tell what is on the way of Superman coming back. But till then, tell us what are you expecting from this upcoming Man of Steel 2.

How would you like to see the world’s second-most handsome man in this film? Are you also ready to celebrate with the star? You can pour out your excitement and thoughts in the comment box below.

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