Obsessed Henry Cavill’s Peculiar Non-Human Fan Has Unique Choices About Him

Obsessed Henry Cavill’s Peculiar Non-Human Fan Has Unique Choices About Him

Over a career span of more than two decades, Henry Cavill has amassed a massive fandom including both human and non-human beings! Starting his filming career back in the 2000s with movies such as Laguna and Count of Monte Cristo, he has come a long way. Notably, after his breakout role in the BBC broadcast series, Tudors, he has been under the radar of many high-grossing producers.

From DC Universe’s Superman, The Witcher’s monster hunting Geralt of Rivia to the most handsome Sherlock Holmes in Netflix’s Enola Holmes, Cavill has won hearts in all forms. The British actor’s admirers are so much obsessed with his talent and everything he has to offer, that they apparently announced a social media war when things went south. However, there is this particular fan of his who has the most Henry Cavill collection in the world and would sit in front of the TV just to listen to his voice and watch him. Let us warn you though, she might take your heart away.

Henry Cavill has a huge fandom, but this one fan stands different from all the rest

Well, before you lose it, this super fan of his is none other than a super cute dog. Yes, we were appalled as well. So to give you a whole view of it, one of the TikTok users posted a video of the pug explaining how the entire Henry Cavill shrine started. And her story will melt your heart away.

Rory’s parent explained that when she was first watching The Witcher, her dog jumped from its bed to watch Cavill in action. She then experimented with playing different movies and series, even playing just audio and just video to see how responsive Rory is. And surprisingly, the pug proved her love for Cavill. Every time she would watch him, or hear his voice, Rory would get extremely excited and elated perhaps indicating her undying love for the actor. However, she did not exhibit the same sentiment while watching Count of Monte Cristo, seems like she did not like him in that.

People have since sent her many gifts including Henry Cavill frames, figurines, cushions, and much more. She certainly is living her fan-girl era. And all we wish is for Rory someday gets to meet Cavill in person. After all the actor is also a dog person himself.

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Are you surprised by this uncanny affection of Rory Frenchie towards Henry Cavill? Do let us know in the comments below.

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