Henry Cavill Dated The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco? How Did It End?

Henry Cavill Dated The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco? How Did It End?

Celebrity relationships are always food for the tabloids especially if it has to do with high-profile actors. For example, Natalie Viscuso has been in the spotlight ever since Henry Cavill debuted his new girlfriend in 2021. The two have most certainly remained mum over their relationship which is going quite strong except for sharing a few glimpses of their love life here and there.

But did you know before Natalie, Henry had a fling with The Flight Attendant actress, Kaley Cuoco? While Henry was already Superman in Hollywood, Kaley was well known for her role in The Big Bang Theory. But they didn’t last too long. Why did their romance fizzle out? 

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Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco’s brief romance in 2013 

The Witcher’s poster boy had a fling with Kaley way back in 2014. As soon as they debuted their relationship, of course, all eyes were on them. Paparazzi followed them everywhere and there were snaps of them casually hanging out, shopping, hiking and even running errands. Fans were rooting for the couple when all of sudden they announced their split. 

The romance was over before it even began. After nearly two weeks of dating, they called it a quit. This sudden break-up didn’t sit well with a lot of shippers. Speculations arose that the relationship was just a publicity stunt. The rumor gained ground because the two do share the same publicist. However, the reason was something entirely different. 

Apparently, while Kaley was famous in her own right, she was never under the spotlight 24/7. The paparazzi and the media frenzy were too overwhelming for the stunning blonde. And she couldn’t deal with the constant pressure of being clicked while dating Henry Cavill. While Cavill had always liked the chirpy actress and wanted to date her, he was quite understanding. Thus, the couple split amicably and currently share no bad blood. Reportedly, they have remained friends! 

While Henry is very content with Natalie in his life, Cuoco has found her one in Tom Pelphrey. They made their romance public in 2022! 

Are you happy that both have found their partners? 

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