Henry Cavill Cause ‘The Witcher’ Season 3 Production To Delay Their Wrap, and Filming Continues Without the Superman Actor

Henry Cavill Cause ‘The Witcher’ Season 3 Production To Delay Their Wrap, and Filming Continues Without the Superman Actor

The whole world is desperately waiting for the third season of The Witcher. The current season of the hit fantasy drama ends on a major cliffhanger adding to the anticipation of the fans. But fortunately, the filming of the new season was going well until the main lead of the show, Henry Cavill himself, fell sick. It was previously reported that the Man of Steel actor had been infected with Covid-19 and was taking a rest from filming.

Although it was speculated that the filming would wrap as planned, it now appears that there has been a delay in the production wrap of The Witcher season 3.

The Witcher season three production pushed as Henry Cavill still recovers from Covid

After a brief hiatus due to Henry Cavill testing positive for COVID, Netflix’s The Witcher has resumed shooting and is currently filming Thanedd coup, the series’ most ambitious scenario yet. Although production resumed, Henry Cavill is yet to return to the set with the rest of the actors owing to his ongoing recuperation from COVID.

Therefore, portions of the filming schedule had to be altered to accommodate his absence. As a result, this week’s work concentrated on scenarios that did not include Geralt. This caused a little delay in The Witcher Season 3’s projected completion date. According to sources, August 26 was the last filming date for the last month. But that’s now been moved out to early September. The COVID crisis, as projected, did not significantly affect output.

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What is Cavill doing right now?

But don’t worry, Henry is still alive and well, spending time with his PC, the love of his life. Whenever Cavill becomes unwell or injured, he is known to fiddle with his computer. This time is no different.

Unfortunately for Henry and his gaming, the wrap date was only pushed out a week or two. So he should be back on set sooner rather than later. No reports of a change in the release dates have been received yet. So fans should expect the show to release by early or mid-2023.

What do you guys think about Henry Cavill as The Witcher? Was he born for the role? Feel free to share all your opinions and thoughts in the comments below.


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