Henry Cavill As a Potential ‘Star Trek’ Cast? Here’s Everything We Know So Far

Henry Cavill As a Potential ‘Star Trek’ Cast? Here’s Everything We Know So Far

The second half of 2022 sure was a turbulent affair for Henry Cavill and his fans. While he did get his ‘world’s most handsome man’ title back, the British actor lost two of his lifetime roles, causing a firestorm both from the media and the fanatics. There were a plethora of speculations going on as to what would be his next move. Many even created his AI-generated avatars for various flicks for which they thought Cavill was a perfect choice.

While his much anticipated Amazon Prime series, Warhammer 40000, the live-action adaptation of his seemingly favorite video game came as a relief to all; another long-running franchise that is perhaps considering casting the world’s hottest A-list star is none other than the intergalactic voyage, Star Trek. Giant Freakin Robot recently confirmed through trusted sources that not only is Star Trek coming up with a new installment but is also casting a few new faces. And Henry Cavill is reportedly the foremost choice.

Upon confirming the news, the media outlet even created an AI-generated avatar of the former Superman as the new Riker, making it available for all on their official Instagram page. And looking at it, we have a strong feeling that the 39-year-old is made for the role. Furthermore, being a self-certified nerd, Cavill, the apparent modern-day version of the OG Sherlock Holmes, will certainly enjoy being part of the modern-day reboot.

Well, he is not the only one.

Henry Cavill is not the only actor who might star in the upcoming Star Trek movie

While J.J. Abrams’ master production may recast the likes of Geordi La Forge, Worf, and even Patrick Stewart’s Jean-Luc Picard, Henry Cavill would certainly be a great pick for Jonathan Frakes’ quintessential first officer. Producers are reportedly also looking forward to casting the British actor’s female counterpart, Gal Gadot. She might make a cameo as the Borg Queen.

Till the next Star Trek movie debuts and we get to know if Cavill and Gadot are truly a part of it or not, let us wait for his already green-lit action thrillers.

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