Henry Cavill and Alec Baldwin Were Rumored to Be Returning for a ‘Mission: Impossible’ Sequel

Henry Cavill and Alec Baldwin Were Rumored to Be Returning for a ‘Mission: Impossible’ Sequel

The list of the greatest action films in Hollywood is incomplete without the Mission: Impossible franchiseIt is one of the most popular action film series in the world today. They are thrilling and have always raised the bar for action films in Hollywood. And while we speak about the Mission Impossible franchise, one cannot not know Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Apart from being an incredibly popular and successful film, it also featured two of Hollywood’s biggest actors, Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill. As we all know, Cavill portrayed the character of August Walker flawlessly. And not long ago, rumors of the Enola Holmes star returning to the franchise along with Alec Baldwin for a sequel started making the rounds. So is the duo returning?

Back in 2019, Christopher McQuarrie surprised the fans by announcing that he would be directing two upcoming Mission Impossible films. We are no strangers to witnessing McQuarrie pull off the impossible in his films. And as per previous reports by The Hollywood Reporter, “the director is considering bringing back Henry Cavill and Alec Baldwin for the upcoming sequels.” While the possibility of bringing back the two actors in the sequel is exciting, it is most likely to be a flashback. As we all know, both Cavill’s August Walker and Baldwin’s Alan Hunley are as good as dead.

However, McQuarrie’s previous statement subtly hinted at the fact that anything is possible in Mission: Impossible films. In 2021, the director raised some eyebrows as he revealed, “There is no such thing as death in movies, only unavailability.” However, for now, we still have no update on whether the two actors will be reprising their roles or not.

Why Henry Cavill should return as August Walker

It is a very rare sight for the Cavill fans to see him in a negative role. Mission: Impossible – Fallout was one of the first films that featured the actor in a villainous role. Bringing back Cavill as August Walker would allow the Mission: Impossible franchise to explore more of an incredible villain. Furthermore, Cavill brought a lot of depth and physicality into the role. Cavill’s commendable performance played a huge role in making Mission: Impossible – Fallout the highest-grossing film of the franchise.

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However, while all these points stand, Cavill’s return is a much more complicated affair and McQuarrie will have to work it out very carefully.

In the meantime, do you think Cavill and Baldwin should return? Or are Hunt and Hunley done for good? Comment down below.

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