‘Heartstopper’ Webcomic Writer, Alice Oseman, Reveals the Probable Number of Seasons for the Netflix Live-Action Adaptation

‘Heartstopper’ Webcomic Writer, Alice Oseman, Reveals the Probable Number of Seasons for the Netflix Live-Action Adaptation

What greater happiness to the readers of a book or a comic than to know that their favorite read will be getting a live-action adaptation. But the fans get even happier when the whole series gets an adaptation. Now we aren’t making any promises as of now. But things are looking pretty fortunate for Heartstopper on Netflix.

According to recent reports, Netflix plans to turn this sure-to-succeed show into multiple seasons. And the best part is that writer Alice Oseman has an exact number of seasons in mind to adapt the whole story.

Heartstopper might get more seasons on Netflix

The young adult romance might continue for several seasons, according to the writer and creator of Netflix’s Heartstopper, if it were to adapt every volume of the graphic novels that inspired it.

Alice Oseman’s beloved novel began as a webcomic, then moved to print after gaining a devoted online following. The last volume in the series released in May 2021.

Given the massive amount of excitement and interest around the first season, the chances of a second season seem quite hopeful at the moment. However, Netflix is yet to announce anything.

While talking about her upcoming show, Alice said that four seasons will be enough if future seasons receive a green light, to sum up, the whole story.

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“I haven’t done any in-detail planning or anything, but it’s quite easy to divide up the books into seasons, so four, I think, would do it,” she says.

The writer has been an integral part of the first season and even contributed to writing the script. “I always say some parts of it were easy, and some were really hard,” says the writer about the screenwriting process. Heartstopper is, on the whole, a remarkably accurate rendition of the source material which should come to the relief of fans.

Where can you read the whole series?

For those interested in brushing up on the plot before the show’s certain success on Netflix, Heartstopper volumes 1-4 are available for purchase on Amazon.

From Friday, April 22nd, 2022, Heartstopper will be available to stream on Netflix.

Let us know if you are a fan of the book series or not?

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