Heartland Season 15 Release Date Revealed: When Will it Be Available on Netflix?

Heartland Season 15 Release Date Revealed: When Will it Be Available on Netflix?

The Canadian drama, Heartland, is a full compact package of family drama and ranch life. The book series of Lauren Brooke inspires Heartland. It is an exceptional story about a grandfather and his two granddaughters, who can go through thick and thin to keep their family ranch going.

Heartland’s simplicity and the feel-good factor have helped the series run for such a long time. It is the perfect drama for family time.

The plot develops around Amy Fleming and her older sister Louise, who live with their widowed grandfather Jack Bartlett, their father Tim Fleming, and hired farmhand Ty Borden on a ranch in Alberta, locally known as “Heartland.”

The well-crafted story of a simple family living a simple life getting through thick and thin has resonated with the fans. The simplicity in the drama has helped the show secure such a lengthy run. With easy narration following a multi-generation family trying to save their ranch and horses in the heart of Alberta, Canada, this series touches fans to the core.

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Presently, 14 seasons of the show are streaming on Netflix. There are 224 episodes, of around 44 minutes each, ready to watch and experience on Netflix. Additionally, the fan base of the show is excitedly waiting to know the Heartland Season 15 release date.

The Cast of Heartland

The cast of the show comprises Amber Marshall, Shaun Johnston, Alisha Newton, Graham Wardle, and Chris Potter. This team has been constant since the first season. Arrow actor Stephen Amell appeared later on in the show.

Another actor who has joined season 15 of Heartland is Drew Davis.

When is Heartland Season 15 arriving on Netflix?

The first season of Heartland was aired in 2007 and the latest 14th season aired on January 10, 2021. On June 2, 2021, CBC renewed the show for another season. Amber Marshall officially announced that Season 15 would premiere this fall. A week ago, Michelle Morgan announced a wrap for Season 15.


There will be 10 episodes in this new season. Heartland Season 15’s release date is set for October 17th, 2021. It will start airing on the CBC network.

Netflix has made no official statement about when season 15 of Heartland will stream on their platform. However, fans can expect the latest season to hit Netflix sometime in 2022. So, for now, fans will have to wait and enjoy the first 14 seasons.

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    Helene Szabo
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    It is such a feel good show. With the past 2 years of COVID, this has almost made you forget what we have been through. I couldn’t find season 14 on Netflix but found it elsewhere. Please, Netflix, bring on season 15. I feel as if the cast is family.

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      When will season 15 be on Netflix in australiamargot

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