‘Heartland’ Season 15: Here’s What We Know About Ty and the Resultant Complications of His Death

‘Heartland’ Season 15: Here’s What We Know About Ty and the Resultant Complications of His Death

The feel-good Canadian family drama, Heartland season 14 said goodbye to a major character, Ty. It left the show’s fans nursing a broken heart. But as Heartland season 15 starts streaming on Netflix UK, we learn from the characters, that the only way to survive this is to keep moving forward.

The Canadian family show first aired in 2007 and it has since then become the longest-running series on Canadian television. When tragedy befalls the Fleming family, Amy, Lou, and their father move to grandfather Jack’s farm. Amy soon discovers that she has her mother’s gift to talk to horses and heal them. The series takes the viewers through the ups and downs of the Fleming family. 

Why did Ty die and how did it affect the others? 

In season 14’s premiere, Ty died of deep vein thrombosis. His demise was heartbreaking for the fans and traumatic for Amy. The two shared a daughter, Lyndy, and now Amy is forced to raise her on her own. In season 15, we see her make peace with the past and focus on the present and her future.

She concentrated on raising her daughter no matter how challenging, while taking care of the ranch. Ty’s death has made her stronger, and she’s determined to leave behind a legacy. The rest of the family, Jack, Lisa, Tim, and Lou all realize how fleeting time is. With newfound determination, they work towards fulfilling their dreams. 

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Why did the creators end Ty’s character?

Graham Wardle who plays Ty wanted to explore other projects and areas of his life. After having given 14 years of his life to the show, he wanted a break from acting. So the creators had no choice but to respect his wishes and kill the character. The actor had asked for a break from the show previously as well. In season 10, Ty leaves for Mongolia and does not appear until episode 17. 

Is Heartland season 15 available on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Heartland season 15 isn’t available on Netflix US yet. The show may drop on the platform sometime in 2023 between March and April in Canada and US. But, Heartland season 15 is already streaming on Netflix UK since March 2022.  

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