“Hear our story from us”- Netflix Drops First Trailer of ‘Meghan and Harry’ Docuseries

“Hear our story from us”- Netflix Drops First Trailer of ‘Meghan and Harry’ Docuseries

The Royal family has always been in the news for obvious reasons. But the big ‘Megxit’ that marked the exit of two people very close to The Crown took things to a whole another level. Ever since leaving their royal positions, Meghan and Harry have refused to follow the traditional route of keeping quiet and have spoken up. Their interview with Oprah which garnered 17 million viewers was just a glimpse of their life inside the castle. And now comes the teaser of the highly awaited Harry & Meghan Netflix documentary.

Soon after leaving royalty, the couple signed a deal with the OTT mogul i.e. Netflix which was worth a whopping 100 million dollars. And ever since their deal with Netflix was announced, fans have waited each day for a glimpse of what the documentary is going to look like. As we edge closer to the end of 2022, the streaming giant shared a teaser of the Harry and Meghan documentary. And it’s more than anything fans could have asked for.

Netflix drops much-awaited Harry and Meghan trailer

The teaser consists of an array of black-and-white photos from the time the couple spent as a part of the royal family. It also resonates with the theme of the entire documentary which is all about Harry and Meghan speaking up about their time as a part of the British monarch in their own words.

Given the big names involved in their story, media largely narrated their life up until this point. And the Netflix series consists of the elephant in the room addressing itself. From Prince Harry saying “No one sees what’s happening behind closed doors” and Meghan Markle instituting that people need to hear the story from them, we can expect the Harry & Meghan Netflix series to be one hell of an emotional ride.

The most exciting aspect of the series is no doubt the very personal moments that the couple has decided to share with the world. The Harry & Meghan teaser includes a picture of Meghan Markle breaking down while speaking on the phone with someone.

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It also consists of many loved-up moments from the couple’s lives. The official teaser has led to fans releasing a huge sigh of relief because of the rumors swirling around that the deal is off. More importantly, the whole world cannot wait to hear what the couple has to say.

And given how this is one of the rare times that a member of the Royal family has come out on their own account to share something with the world makes it even more monumental. The release date of the Harry & Meghan documentary has not been announced. But given that the teaser just dropped, we can expect Netflix to release it on Megxit’s 2-year anniversary.

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    Evelyn Walters
    December 1, 2022 at 10:18 pm

    No way. Supposed to be private people. Please do so. Don’t believe in them for this reason. Want the money and lie to us again

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