“He truly cares about…” Fans Go Gaga Over Ryan Reynolds Being the Most Dedicated Co-owner of Wrexham

“He truly cares about…” Fans Go Gaga Over Ryan Reynolds Being the Most Dedicated Co-owner of Wrexham

More than two years have passed since Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney decided to buy the Wrexham Association Football Club. And when we look back to the whole journey of growing and embracing the Welsh culture these two certainly have won hearts. We have seen the Deadpool 3 star and his fellow celebrity co-owner transform the soccer team with a Hollywood touch.

Their constant efforts brought this club into the limelight once again as the Red Notice star leaves no chance to promote this team on social media. He constantly keeps the fans updated with new posts about the matches. Weeks ago, Wrexham’s striker described Reynolds and McElhenney as the most “down to earth” owners. And now fans have followed the suit.

Fans give the credit for Wrexham’s success to Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds recently sat down with ESPN to talk about the upcoming FA Cup match of Wrexham AFC and the glorious future it is headed to. During the conversation with Kyle Bonagura, the actor stated how both the owners have grown attached to the club. He added that the faith of these people is everything to him for the way they handed over this huge legacy into their hands.

The Free Guy star recalled one of the moment when fans sang for them after heartbreaking defeat to Grimsby last year. “I genuinely get choked up thinking about that right now because it says everything to me,” remarked the 46-year-old.

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Meanwhile, hearing these words of dedication and sheer commitment towards the Welsh community fans are swooning over him. One fan commented on the Twitter post by ESPN: “Ryan and Rob have had a truly transformational effect on Wrexham, they have lifted the spirits for everyone that lives there.

“Just read this article and it’s awesome to see how much he truly cares about what happens with the team and players. Even getting the family in on the match! Wish I could get mine to care,” wrote the second fan.

“I won’t be surprised if Wrexham win on Sunday. A home atmosphere and a team in excellent form,” added another.

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