“He swears he was high as hell.”: Ryan Reynolds Remembers Befriending Jason Bateman When He Landed in Los Angeles

“He swears he was high as hell.”: Ryan Reynolds Remembers Befriending Jason Bateman When He Landed in Los Angeles

The struggle is not exclusive to anyone. No matter how big or small the work is, it is bound to meet difficult times during its course. Even though it may feel like some of us have it easy, it is not true at all. However, what helps in those testing times is a friendly presence. Someone who just stays with you through thick and thin. Something similar is what Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman have among themselves.

While talking about a lot of other things with David Letterman on his show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, Ryan also briefly talked about his friendship with the Emmy-winning actor/director, Jason Bateman. And he also shared the horrible experiences he has had in the industry. But what all did he say? Let’s find out!

Ryan Reynolds opens about his terrible experience and finding friends in Los Angeles

Starting off in the film industry as a complete outsider is something that can truly be one of the toughest tasks one can ever have to do. Even though our favorite Ryan Reynolds seems like the guy who has been this amazing forever, he has also had his fair share of unpleasant experiences in the past. While talking to David on the show, he revealed that during the early days of his career, a lead actor from a sitcom refused to rehearse with him. However, he refused to reveal the name of the show, as if he did that, he “would be giving everything away“.

However, when Letterman asked him if he made a similar group of friends in LA as he had in Vancouver, Ryan replied, “Yeah, I made some friends, thankfully“. He mentioned he met a few nice people, and while talking about it, the name that came out of his mouth was Ozark‘s very own superstar, Jason Bateman. He revealed Bateman was the first person there who was actually kind to him.

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Ryan said that even though Bateman may claim that he was “high as hell“, he knows it to be kindness. The duo has shared a rather interesting friendship over the past years: Supporting each other’s works and being there for one another as well.

We can only wish to have a friendship as simple and beautiful as Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds. Tell us if you have any such friends in your life in the comments below.

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