“He set up a mood…” – When Chris Rock Worked With Kanye West

“He set up a mood…” – When Chris Rock Worked With Kanye West

When we talk about the greatest musicians of this generation, one can’t not name Kanye West. We are all aware of the controversies that surround Ye. However, if we separate the art from the artist, there is no denying the fact that Ye is an incredibly creative musician. The Flashing Lights hitmaker has influenced countless rappers and singers over the years. And working alongside Ye has always been a dream for many. However, Chris Rock was lucky enough to witness Kanye record one of his most iconic albums. And unsurprisingly, the comedian was in awe as he opened up about his experience previously.

We are no strangers to the fact that Ye has always been very experimental with his music and fashion. Keeping aside his controversies, we all know how extremely devoted he is to his art. And Chris Rock confirmed the same in an interview. Rock was present in the studio while West recorded My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The comedian was full of praise for the rapper.

During his appearance on Sway’s Universe, Rock revealed that Ye was living it while he recorded the album. Recalling his experience, he continued, “He set up a mood. Right when you walked in there you felt this mood.”

Apparently, Rock was in the studio while Ye was working on the popular song from the album Blame Game. Elsewhere in the interview, the Amsterdam star made some interesting revelations as well. As per Rock, everybody in the studio was all dressed up prim and proper. Interestingly, almost everybody was wearing black suits.

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Rock hilariously added how he thought, “Ye flown in all the guys from Europe” for the album. However, all of Ye’s efforts bore fruit. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was amongst the best rap albums of 2010 and was a critical success for the rapper.

And even after all these years, it seems like the comedian is still a fan of Ye.

Chris Rock on Kanye West and his controversies

The year 2022 saw some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities call out West for his actions. However, on the other hand, Chris Rock felt differently. While speaking on Fly on the Wall podcast, Rock revealed how despite all that the rapper puts us through, he is worth it. Furthermore, Rock added that West’s records are pretty great and that he loved his sneakers.

Fans seem to agree as well since due to their love for West’s music, the rapper’s tracks are still being streamed and recently, an unreleased song of his started trending again.

What are your views on Ye’s process of making music and Rock’s experience in the studio? Comment down below.

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