“He said everything he wanted to say” – Sources Claim That Chris Rock Has Finally Moved on From the Will Smith Slap Last Year

“He said everything he wanted to say” – Sources Claim That Chris Rock Has Finally Moved on From the Will Smith Slap Last Year

Timing is everything, be it real life or stage, and Chris Rock has proved this saying with his Netflix special, Chris Rock: Selective Outrage. And it is not necessary to mention that what this show mainly focuses on is the infamous Slapgate incident from the 94th Academy Awards. Last year, Will Smith slapped the 58-year-old comedian on the stage of the most prestigious film award show last year.

While the Smith family received colossal outrage for the Men in Black actor’s deeds, Rock, on the other hand, decided to stay mum on the topic and only opened up a few times sarcastically. It turns out he was saving all his rage for the recent Netflix special he performed and is now finally over the whole incident. A source close to Rock told ET, “He said everything he wanted to say. It was funny, self-deprecating, and thought-provoking.”

And, as they say, time heals everything, and everything does seem to be okay with the Saturday Night Live comedian. He addressed the incident which happened last year and now can finally relax after it. Sources have also claimed that those who attended the show were extremely happy along with Rock, who was calm and eased on the stage.

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This opportunity, however, wouldn’t have been available were it not for Netflix. So, what does the Everybody Hates Chris actor think about his partnership with the streaming giant?

Chris Rock received a great platform to express his rage on the Will Smith incident

The sources who have given ET the aforementioned anecdotes also told the outlet that the Down to Earth actor feels amazing and happy. The 58-year-old in fact feels good that he held off until he could finally express his feelings about what occurred with Smith and launch his piece on Netflix for such a large audience.

One of the most shocking and hilarious parts of the show is that it was performed by the comedian in Baltimore, Maryland, which is the hometown of Jada Pinkett-Smith. However, it is not clear whether this was done on purpose.

Chris Rock during a set
Credits: Imago

Apparently, the viewers are loving the show and people are loving it. Rock has proven to the world that he is as steady as a rock and a slap cannot take him down.

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