“He lives in hell”- UFC Commentator Joe Rogan Once Got Brutally Honest About The Will Smith Slap Gate, Comparing The Situation To Johnny Depp’s

“He lives in hell”- UFC Commentator Joe Rogan Once Got Brutally Honest About The Will Smith Slap Gate, Comparing The Situation To Johnny Depp’s

Actors are creatures of emotions as they embody different lives and new personalities every day. Fans have always loved artists who are raw and turn to their human nature. Because their honest presentation makes people connect with the characters. One of the greatest actors in Hollywood includes Will Smith and Johnny Depp who enamored fans with their remarkable skills and impeccable talent.

However, it is always said that how these feelings get mingled with the personal lives of actors. As they are only humans and like any normal person they get entangled in chaos. Pointing out those vulnerabilities UFC Commentator Joe Rogan once got brutally honest about the Will Smith Slap gate. Why did he compare his situation with Johnny Depp? Let’s take a look!

Joe Rogan touched the weak point while talking about Will Smith and Johnny Depp

Joe Rogan once opened up about how their career and marriage have affected the mental health of Will Smith and Johnny Depp. According to Newsweek, the  54-year-old host was talking to his guest Tony Hinchcliffe, about talented Hollywood actors. This conversation led to the ill-famed slap gate when Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars.

Moreover, Hinchcliffe remarked the King Richard role has somehow made the actor take that action. To which the commentator admitted:

“He’s an amazing actor right? He shows emotion in his film, it’s so real. The guy’s probably always on the verge of crying, it’s probably a mess.”

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Meanwhile, emphasizing his statement Rogan added that Jada Pinkett Smith’s influence on the man has also made things grimmer. He said that in the Oscars incident Will Smith looked like he was under some kind of charm. While he also commented on the way Jada smiled at the slap thing.

“He’s one of the biggest movie stars ever, and he lives in hell. He lives in hell.”

Furthermore, to substantiate his point he brought up how Jada worked in I Am Legend without his husband’s consent. Therefore, Joe Rogan meant that career and spouse have left people like Smith and Depp to the end of insanity. Moving forward, they also gave the example of the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trials. Rogan talked about how things got ugly in the defamation case as Depp was dragged to court by his ex-wife.

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