“He just couldn’t” – Dapper Dan Voices His Opinion on How Kanye West Did in His Career as a Designer

“He just couldn’t” – Dapper Dan Voices His Opinion on How Kanye West Did in His Career as a Designer

Dapper Dan AKA Daniel Day has opened up about his thoughts on Kanye West as a fashion designer. While we know the rapper for his music, an enormous piece of his wealth comes from his fashion collaborations with different brands. He became one of the few celebrities who was an active part of the brands that he has worked with. But failure has been a part of his success story as well.

The designer who had his own line with Gucci has spoken up about Ye’s career as an outsider in the fashion industry. He certainly did not hold back on his honest opinion.

Dapper Dan has a mixed take on Kanye West and his career as a designer

The Yeezy owner has become a brand in himself, which added big time to the brands he collaborated with. But launching brands is no piece of cake. As per WWD, the designer opened up during a fireside chat with LMVH for a fire round of discussions. Although he was there partly to celebrate 50 years of hip hop and black history month, Daniel Day spoke about West as well. Agreeing with some of Ye’s points, he said, “He just couldn’t articulate it right.”

He feels like the ‘Gold Digger’ singer tried to explain all this, but just couldn’t put it in the right words. While Day disagrees with the rapper’s opinions, he understands that launching a brand is no easy task. He referred to the GAP deal, and people who ask West to launch his own brand with his wealth.

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Ye’s GAP deal made a lot of buzz, but fell flat after their very public split over different ideas. The aftermath of this was a loss to both the singer and the fashion brand.

What happened between Ye and the GAP deal?

‘Irreconcilable differences’ was stated as the reason for the split between the designer and the luxury brand. While GAP hired the singer to pull itself into the modern competition. But Ye wanted to make fashion affordable for all, something that the brand could not do.

Ye wanted to sell the much-hyped Yeezy glasses for $20, while the brand wanted to make profits. Thereafter, he started his own shops to sell affordable goodies in order to ‘make fashion affordable for all.’

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