“He doesn’t hug Blake this much” – Rob Takes Some Time Out to Roast His Partner Ryan Reynolds

“He doesn’t hug Blake this much” – Rob Takes Some Time Out to Roast His Partner Ryan Reynolds

The Deadpool star who bought the legit football club called Wrexham had made countless memories with the team. Ryan Reynolds was so inspired and overwhelmed by the collaborative spirit of the entire team that he finally decided to take to the screen with Welcome to Wrexham, an American sports documentary TV series, dedicated solely to the Wrexham team. 

While filming the same as the star went around sharing deep-seated heartfelt feelings about the team, his co-owner, Rob McElhenney, took a hilarious jab at him with all sarcastic comments possible. The FX network released a video a few days ago of the same and tell you what, it could not have been any funnier. 

Rob McElhenney sarcastically mocks Ryan Reynolds on his free giveaway of hugs

Starting off with the immense love Ryan showered on the team upon Stockport’s defeat, Rob brought to our notice the number of hugs he gave to each star. Counting off one by one, Rob exclaimed in awe when Ryan gave bare-bodied Ollie a warm hug thrice. To emphasize his amazement, McElhenney said, “He doesn’t hug Blake that much!”. 

The star’s reaction was a delight to see as Reynolds exchanged another couple of hugs following a photoshoot with Kevin. He expressed his utter shock, stating that Ryan was just “bitching” about Kevin calling out his hypocrisy in good humor. 

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Rob, at last, gave up his childish jealousy about his best buddy hugging everyone but him. He, in fact, expressed his genuine happiness for the star. He took immense pleasure in the way Ryan was overwhelmed to witness such an incredible win. “After all who can stay mad at this guy?” concluded the actor. 

The duo purchased the fifth-tier Welsh soccer club Wrexham AFC back in 2020. This news came to light when the FX show premiered last month this year. Ever since, the stars are frequently together. Either while boosting their team up in the stand or while playing with puppies, their friendship has evolved over the years.

How do you like the favorite duo on screen? Are you a fan of Wrexham, lik Ryan? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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