“He calls the girl a c*ck suc..” – Blake Lively Once Revealed Her Favorite Swear Word and It’s From a Ryan Reynolds Movie

“He calls the girl a c*ck suc..” – Blake Lively Once Revealed Her Favorite Swear Word and It’s From a Ryan Reynolds Movie

Blake Lively once revealed her favorite swear word, and it’s almost poetic. The Gossip Girl actress definitely shares her husband’s sense of humor as both are often trolling each other on social media, all while being a happily married couple. The mother of three is currently pregnant with her fourth child with Reynolds. Yet their continuing likable personalities are the reason for their massive following.

The Met Gala Queen has several movies to her credit, including Green Lantern with Ryan, The Rhythm Session, and The Age of Adeline, etc. She is one of the most highly regarded actresses today, known for her elegant beauty and charm. But the celebrity is not afraid to be verbal. Before the release of Age of Adeline, the actress appeared on a YouTube podcast during which she revealed her favorite cuss word.

Blake Lively’s and her favorite swear word is quite the tongue twister

Blake Lively appeared on a YouTube podcast for the channel Sway’s Universe. During this, they discussed her movies and her popular series Gossip Girls, amongst other things. But the spiciest part of the interview was when Sway passed on a question by Ryan Reynolds, knowing that she will answer her husband. The host then played the taped question wherein Ryan asked, “What would you say is your favorite swear word?”

Blake immediately responded and gasped, “Oh he is setting me up!” sending the whole studio into laughter. She said that the words were actually from a Ryan Reynolds movie called Blade: Trinity, in which he calls a woman, “c*ck juggling thunder c*nt.” The actress could not believe she actually said it out loud.

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The star who was raised as a Southern Baptist was initially hesitant to cuss out loud, but perhaps being in Ryan’s company has altered the personality a bit. This is why people at the studio also seemed surprised to see her say the word.

Were you able to pronounce the cuss word, or did you struggle like the other hosts in the video? Let us know your thoughts about the interview in the comments.

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