“He absolutely shot…” – Here Is How the Creator of ‘Ozark’ Interpreted the Ending of the Show’s Finale Episode

“He absolutely shot…” – Here Is How the Creator of ‘Ozark’ Interpreted the Ending of the Show’s Finale Episode

As the release of the fourth season of Ozark is about to complete its one-year anniversary, Netflix got creative as always and hosted a Q&A panel for the show, where the creators and the leads of the show, Jason Bateman and Julia Garner, participated. One of the major motives of this panel was to discuss the most talked-about scene of the show’s fourth season, AKA the ending of the show.

This is when Jonah trains his gun on Mel Sattem, and everybody holds their breath to watch what happens next. Sadly, the scene ends and fades into black at that exact moment, leaving the audience in suspense. The panel discussed this ambiguous scene and whether Jonah killed Mel. Apparently, one of the show’s co-creators, Chris Mundy, has a theory.

In the panel discussion, Mundy said that he thinks that Jonah will most definitely kill Mel. “Definitively in my mind, and anyone’s free to think whatever they want, but in my mind, he absolutely shot Mel, and Mel is dead,” said Mundy during the panel, per Variety.

While this might not be the real ending, it opens up so many paths for the audience to predict the beginning of season five of the show. But this is not the only thing he said, nor is he the only person who expressed his views on this unexpected ending.

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What does Chris Mundy think of Ruth’s death in Ozark?

Mundy added to his aforementioned statement that since the show was over, he was confident that Jonah killed Mel. But one of the most shocking deaths on the show was that of Ruth, played by Julia Garner. Ruth’s character received a huge amount of love from the audience. Hence, when she dies, it breaks fans’ hearts, and the death demanded an explanation.

Mundy said that he was himself very disturbed by the scene where Ruth dies and could not sleep in real life thinking about it. However, he thinks that it was the right decision for the show’s fate and so does Garner. She agrees with the creator and thinks that her character’s death did justice to the show.

Did Jonah kill Mel? What do you think? Tell us in the comments your thoughts in the comments.

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