What Does Jacob Bertrand Think of His Character ‘Hawk’ in ‘Cobra Kai’?

What Does Jacob Bertrand Think of His Character ‘Hawk’ in ‘Cobra Kai’?

The popular series, Cobra Kai, streaming on Netflix has been an amazing watch for the viewers. The drama, fight sequences, comedy, and love showcase in the show is to die for. ‘Cobra Kai’, being one of the most trending shows on the streaming platform, offers us a lot of positives. Significantly, the cast members of the show are the kindest and the most amazing group of people you have ever seen. One of the fan-favorite of the show, Jacob Bertrand, who plays the role of Hawk, has got a lot of interesting things to say about the show. Time to tune into Hawk from Cobra Kai.

Hawk’s character transformation

An antagonist that cheers you and is one of the most beloved characters of a show. Yes, that’s right, it’s a bit hard to believe, but it’s true. The Hawk in Cobra Kai played by Jacob Bertrand has amassed an enormous fan following. Chiefly, Hawk’s character arc portrays one of the best character development in a series. From being bullied to growing into a hardcore bully.

 However, this doesn’t mark the end of his transformation. At the end of the third season, he reaches an epiphany and starts questioning his actions. As a result, he realizes the wrong things he has done in the past and wants to atone for his sins. This isn’t easy for him, being in the company of the people he hit, but still, being considered a friend melts his heart. Significantly, he looks forward to training with his Sensei and peers while wanting to leave the ruthless teachings of Sensei Kreese behind.

The above viseo show a little nuance of the character transformation undergone by Hawk in Cobra Kai.

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The man behind the Hawk in Cobra Kai

Jacob Bertrand has brilliantly portrayed the Hawk in Cobra Kai, stealing fans’ hearts in an instant. The actor has previously been associated with Disney and has also lent his voice to several animated projects. With a fun-loving and bright personality, he has formed genuine bonds with other cast members. 

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Let’s hear what he has to say about his role. In a recent interview with COMPLEX CANADA, when asked about his character’s role as a bully, he said, “I never really saw him as a bully to be honest. That’s something that Billy Zabka always talks about with Johnny. He never saw Johnny as a bully and that’s something I really understood. It makes the character feel more real and livable. I sort of borrowed a page from Billy’s book and became this classic example of someone given a ton of power at once with them not really knowing what to do with it.”

Supporting the less fortunate

The actor also talks about his collaboration and support to the organization, Smile Train. Jacob expresses his feelings about the organization, “Oh man, Smile Train. I just love those guys. They’re an organization in 70 plus countries and they bring comprehensive complete care to everyone that they can. They help with before prep and they’re there for the mental strain and speech therapy afterward. They also help with meal plans. They truly empower doctors to have the tools to continue to perform surgeries. Not just with flying doctors out for a certain amount of time. They really want to make an impact in these communities while destigmatizing the cleft affected”.

Another tidbit from Hawk on Cobra Kai

Along with the kind and positive personality, he also possesses a great sense of humor. “I want fans to know that I’m taller than Johnny Lawrence from The Karate Kid, which means I’m taller than Billy Zabka. Billy stands on a box and I have to stand up with my knees bent really low around him. You can also tell him that,” says the Cobra Kai star in a hilarious manner.

Cobra Kai popularity skyrockets after each season. The drama fights and its amazing cast hold this amazing series together. What do you think about the Hawk?

Cobra Kai is available for streaming on Netflix.

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