Have Prince William and Kate Middleton Proved Prince Harry Right by Missing Greek King Constantine’s Funeral?

Have Prince William and Kate Middleton Proved Prince Harry Right by Missing Greek King Constantine’s Funeral?

Prince Harry reflected on the self-absorbed and emotionally detached side of his brother Prince William and sister-in-law Kate Middleton in Spare. Despite the damaging claims, the Palace has decided against giving any reaction to the book. The royal members are keeping mum and continuing the no complaint policy to maintain the dignity of the crown in public.

Though monarchists and crown loyalists have been standing as a rock with Buckingham Palace, many people could not digest Prince William and Kate Middleton’s absence from the Greek King Constantine’s funeral. As many as five Kings, one Empress, 13 princesses, nine princes, and a Grand Duke attended the ceremony that took place earlier this week. However, one important person who was missing was the late King’s godson, Prince of Wales. Are the Wales couple in trouble after sidelining their Greek relations?

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Prince William and Kate Middleton had an opportunity to do damage control

As per the royal expert Daniela Elser, Prince William and Kate Middleton had a golden opportunity to hit back at Prince Harry’s claims of the family being “emotionally stunted and myopically self-interested.” However, by not showing up on the somber occasion, they have somewhere proved the Duke right. The Prince and Princess of Wales’ presence at the former’s godfather’s funeral could have helped the couple in gaining limelight for some positive reasons. 

“For Wales, a quick injection of some pomp and grandeur would have been just the picture-perfect ticket this week. Them going to the King’s funeral would have given them the chance to wrest back, even briefly, some control,” Elser wrote in her column for news.com.au

Meanwhile, various reports suggest that Prince William and Kate Middleton are fuming because of Prince Harry. The couple is not happy with the Duke for revealing their private conversation in the book. Though Wales still have a soft spot for the Prince of Wales’ younger brother, they have decided to maintain a distance from the California-based royals to avoid drama. Moreover, Middleton, including the other members, blames Meghan Markle for creating a wedge in the family.

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