HAVE NO SPINE? Britney Spears Hits Back at Jamie After Her Interview, Says ‘”I’d rather spit in their faces”

HAVE NO SPINE? Britney Spears Hits Back at Jamie After Her Interview, Says ‘”I’d rather spit in their faces”

The family feud continues for Britney Spears. While fans have been worried about the singer’s whereabouts, it seems like her family issues ensure she comes back to the limelight. The Toxic singer got global support as she fought to free herself from her father Jamie Spears’ as she was under conservatorship.

She finally cheered upon winning the case, then marrying her husband Sam Asghari. But while that should have been the happy ending, the family drama seems to continue. In the latest, her sister Jamie Lynn Spears made a comment on the struggles of being the younger sister of a celebrity. That did not land well for the pop singer who has now given a strong reply.

Britney Spears lashes out at sister Jamie Lynn Spears for her comments

While fans were left confused by the sudden sweet post about Jamie Spears by Britney Spears, they are back in a feud again. The Criminal singer took to Instagram to share a post about a spinal accessory nerve issue that she claims she suffered during the conservatory phase. She also added how she still suffers from going numb from it every night. The long post began with her saying how her friends once had champagne on high chairs as she could do nothing but watch. “I’d rather spit it in their face faces and trash them on an Instagram cause that’s all my family has ever been to me!!!” 

She further mentioned her father Jamie Spears and claimed that there would be five women on their tour bus when she was younger. Coming back to the point of her sister’s comment, she sarcastically said sorry to Jamie Spears, since being Britney Spears’s younger sister was so difficult.

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It all came as a reply to Jamie Lynn Spears’ comment saying how it was difficult being Britney Spears’s sister since the latter found success at an early age. She broke down during the Special Forces: World’s Toughest Task reality show. Spears recently appreciated her younger sister during her birthday but seems to have continued having a rocky relationship now. What did you think of the Criminal singer’s reply? Comment your thoughts.


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