Harry in a hurry? Sources Reveal The Prince Could Make a Quick 48-hours Trip to England for King Charles’ Coronation

Harry in a hurry? Sources Reveal The Prince Could Make a Quick 48-hours Trip to England for King Charles’ Coronation

King Charles’ coronation now seems more like a controversy than the supposed historical event of the United Kingdom. Following his own set of disputes from his past, the King is now grappling with his youngest son, Prince Harry, and his wife’s endless controversies. Nonetheless, as reported earlier, the father still wants his estranged son in the event of his lifetime. Seems like, Prince Harry is also all set to make amends with his royal base. 

Although King Charles is bent on getting his family together, his elder brother, Prince William still detests his brother’s presence. According to him, it would be nothing but disruptive to have the chaotic Sussex couple in the Palace premises during such an important event. However, as the world knows, whether they attend the Coronation or not will not make much of a difference. They will still be the focus of all attention regardless of their decision. 

Prince Harry promises to behave himself at King Charles’s coronation 

In today’s episode of the endless speculations about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, something interesting has come for the royal fans. According to The Mail, “Harry is being advised to agree to nothing at this stage.” Hence, he would just okay it along up to the last moment although, the negotiations are not going down well with the Duke. 

Anonymous sources to the publication further revealed that the Duke’s camp has made it clear that he will attend that coronation just for the sake of it. He is anticipated to fly to his Royal base for a couple of days representing the Sussexes in the Coronation. He is willing to behave himself and let his father have the spotlight however the title stripping might screw up everything. The source reads that although he is keen on discarding his titles on his own. However, getting stripped of his Royal designation is a straight-up humiliation that he did not sign up for. 

The self-exiled Prince does not want to be clubbed in the same category as his controversial uncle, Prince Andrews. The king however knows that Prince Andrew was his brother and Prince Harry is, after all, his son. Thus decisions will be subjective although the Palace rules might curb him from doing so. 

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Do you think the Prince was right to decide to attend the event without the rest of his family? What are your opinions about stripping him of his title? Let us know in the comments below. 

2 thoughts on “Harry in a hurry? Sources Reveal The Prince Could Make a Quick 48-hours Trip to England for King Charles’ Coronation

  1. Reply
    February 7, 2023 at 11:44 pm

    Worst mistake ever!! PH will ruin his dad’s coronation. I’m an American and feel that letting him attend will be a mistake. It will make King Charles look weak. It’s disgusting that PH has let his wife make a mockery of the Royal family. Strip them of their titles. His wife will be the victim, buy she started this. She’s a disgusting human being. She’s nothing like Princess Diana. Princess Diana never had an alteria motive when she married into the Royal family. MM & PH are a disgrace to humanity. They showed the world It’s ok to lie. Wonder if they’re teaching their children It’s ok to manipulate and lie? That’s what they teaching all the little girls who wish to be a Princess one day. It’s absolutely disgusting and shameful. King Charles you will look weak in the eyes of many Americans. Can you imagine how you will look to the common wealth?

  2. Reply
    Christine Tatom
    February 11, 2023 at 9:17 pm

    Yes, strip their titles. If they want them back, then they need to become working Royals in UK once again teaching their children to work for everything they want.

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