‘Harry & Meghan’ – Apart from H, Prince Harry Has Another Nickname and It Has A Connection To His Second Home, Africa

‘Harry & Meghan’ – Apart from H, Prince Harry Has Another Nickname and It Has A Connection To His Second Home, Africa

The first three episodes of Harry and Meghan have landed on Netflix a few hours ago and it has been breaking the internet ever since. All thanks to the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for laying down the bare truth of the Royal family before the world. With Princess Diana and baby Archie at the center of their hearts, the couple elaborated on everything from the beginning. Harry’s friends had a lot to say about the Prince.

Starting from Princess Diana’s tragic death, the Prince’s troublesome childhood after the accident, his and his brother’s embracing different paths in their lives, and many more, the self-exiled Prince said it all. Half an hour deep into the mesmerizing first episode, Harry bared his soul about what it felt like to lose your mother to a car accident. Especially being the son of none other than the former Princess of Wales, Lady Diana, young Prince Harry felt the weight of the world on his shoulders. 

Prince Seeiso is all praises of Prince Harry, recalls their friendship took a deeper turn of being brothers

However, a potential friend of Prince Harry, Prince Seeiso of Lesotho broke down on how the devastated Prince managed to walk on the path of recovery. With everything that had been going on with the media back in the late 90s, Harry had temporarily shifted to Lesotho in 2004. As his statements wore on further, we got to know that at first, Harry was just a straight man from Eton. “He had massive negative headlines about him,” confessed his friend. 

Prince Seeiso had a great hand in bringing Harry’s recurrent depression into its terminal stage. “I’ve seen a boy grow into a solid man.” Prince Seeiso said. They had in fact given him a Sosotho name, ‘Mahale’. Explaining the term, he said it means a warrior, referring to his friend. “Harry is a warrior in spirit, Harry is a warrior in character,” Seeiso said before concluding.

After feeling each other out and getting comfortable with the 13-year-old, he worked a lot on Harry in his own way. The Prince had evidently gone to the far land to have some time out of the “aggressive treadmill.”

Prince had much of Princess Diana, says Prince Seeiso

Seeiso elaborated on how Harry had a constant warmth and curiosity intact in Lesotho. “He was there to learn, not to tell” is what he felt about the newcomer into southern Africa. The Prince of Lesotho did not hesitate to make a clear connection between Harry and Diana. He could feel the similarities between Harry and his mother. Both of them have an instant connection to different communities and people. After having frequent visits on a yearly basis, Prince Harry confessed how passionate he was about carrying Diana’s legacy forward. “I wanted to carry my mom’s torch..and try to make her proud,” the Duke allegedly said once.

His friend-turned-brother affirmed at last how he had seen Harry’s transition before his own eyes. Their shared trauma of losing their mothers to awfully tragic circumstances who most importantly worked in the same field brought the two closer than ever. Gradually, Harry formed a second home away from England, in Africa.

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Have you seen Harry and Meghan on Netflix yet? What do you think about Harry and Seeiso’s friendship?

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