Harlan Coben’s Daughter Also Worked With Dad on Stay Close on Netflix

Harlan Coben’s Daughter Also Worked With Dad on Stay Close on Netflix

Harlan Coben is the man behind some recently successful Netflix thrillers. He indeed has lent his genius to the streaming giant. That is perhaps not the only thing Coben has given to his works Stay Close. He recently revealed that his daughter also worked with him on Stay Close. But is that it?

The multiple award-winning writer Coben honestly needs no introduction, as he is a pretty big name in contemporary American literature. But things took a happier turn when he signed a multi-million-dollar deal with Netflix in August 2018; under which the streaming network will work to bring 14 of his books to life. We already have 5 of his books that have been turned into Netflix Original shows.

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Harlan Coben and his daughter working together on Stay Close

Harlan Coben and Netflix have been a great duo in the past few years, and the recent release of Stay Close is just another proof of it. Much like all of Coben’s works, this too is a mystery-crime drama and is intriguing enough to have you at the edge of your seat throughout the course of it. The series features some talented actors like Cush Jumbo, Richard Armitage, Sarah Parish, and James Nesbitt.

Charlotte Coben - IMDb

Apart from all these amazing actors, there was someone else working on this project that Coben adores a lot. That someone is his 25-year-old daughter Charlotte Coben. She is a screenwriter and has worked closely with her father on two different projects for Netflix.

Charlotte Coben’s work with her father for Netflix

It will surprise you to know that this is not the first time Coben’s daughter has worked on a project with him. Charlotte was a part of the writers’ room when Harlan was working on Netflix’s The Stranger. She even wrote one episode in the miniseries, i.e. the fifth episode.

Whereas this time, she received more appreciation from her father as she worked as a story producer for Stay Close. Charlotte also wrote two episodes for this miniseries, and we hope she will write more episodes if we get to see Stay Close Season 2.

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