“Hands down the worst..”- Netflix Faces a Plethora of Criticism Over ‘The Watcher’ Ending

“Hands down the worst..”- Netflix Faces a Plethora of Criticism Over ‘The Watcher’ Ending

Fans have called out Netflix for its dreadful ending of The Watcher. The platform which has just now begun recovering from its subscription losses seems to be testing its viewers. Although the platform has succeeded at making a series based on true events, it could’ve, perhaps used its experience to give a good climax for the ones hooked on its show.

The series, although a miss for critics, had quite the fan following. This comes as a surprise considering other works by its creator Ryan Murphy who is known for making some skin-creeping shows like the recent Damher series, based on a real-life serial killer. So when the last episode of the mini-series The Watcher came out, fans gave out some intense reactions.

What are the fans saying about The Watcher ending?

The Watcher was trending at No.1 until they released an unsettling last episode. The mini-series consisted of seven episodes with approximately one hour and thirty-five minutes duration. The series is based on a true story which means, if the reel ending followed the real one, it makes it all the more creepy. Regardless, it did not settle well with fans who were less than pleased, taking on social media to express their displeasure.

Though the audiences were sure to mention how much they liked the initial episodes, and how it kept them guessing till the end.


Spoiler Alert: The series revolved around a couple (Dean Brannock) Bobby Cannavale and Nora Brannock (Naomie Watts) who move into their dream home, which is unfortunately plagued by threatening letters, creepy neighbors, and ominous events. The following episodes build upon that story to eventually show the face behind it all. Only to find out that Noma Dumezwani was behind it all! The actress plays a detective named Theodora whom the couple hires to put an end to their misery, only to realize that she was the culprit.

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Perhaps if Netflix decides to extend the series, they can use the criticism to make a better climax for the next season. Would you like to see it? You can watch the series and decide for yourself. Netflix’s The Watcher is available to watch on the platform now.


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