“Had to make a tough choice..” – Ben Affleck Once Explained Why They Had to Cut Out Jimmy Kimmel’s Scene From ‘Batman vs Superman’

“Had to make a tough choice..” – Ben Affleck Once Explained Why They Had to Cut Out Jimmy Kimmel’s Scene From ‘Batman vs Superman’

Ben Affleck once had to explain to Jimmy Kimmel the reason behind cutting an important scene. While Batman and Superman already have a massive fan following, their coming face-to-face for Batman v/s Superman: Dawn of Justice was every fan’s dream come true. But adding to it was one of America’s biggest hosts, Jimmy Kimmel.

But when Affleck made an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, he revealed why this ‘scene from the movie’ did not make it into the final cut. Although there was no such real scene, the reasoning along with the video itself is as entertaining as the movie itself.

Ben Affleck tried to keep a straight face as he explained why Jimmy Kimmel’s scene had to be cut from the DC movie

We may have missed spotting Jimmy Kimmel along with Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck. It could be because the scene was deleted, or that it never existed. But during a banter, Affleck explained how it was an amazing scene, but lost it to another great scene which resulted in it being cut.They had to make a tough choice, he said to explain how the filmmakers had no other option. 

The banter continued with Affleck stating how the scene was almost like looking directly into the sun. Kimmel did his acting job well, pretending to be upset over the scene cut.

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There was no such real scene, but they acted it out, anyway. The Batman actor proceeded to show the audience the legendary star-studded cut.

How Jimmy Kimmel hilariously exposed Superman and Batman in the ‘deleted scene’

The scene opens with Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne having a heated moment in an art gallery. That is when a passerby (Kimmel) interferes. He first points out how Kent (Henry Cavill) looks like Superman and asks Wayne (Ben Affleck) to click their picture. As he is about to click, Kimmel realizes that he looks like Batman, grabbing the entire room’s attention.

Jesse Eisenberg also makes a surprise appearance to notice the same thing. But then comes a twist, with Will Arnett making an entry to announce himself as Batman. He voiced the DC hero for The Lego Batman movie. Now, by the end of the scene, an irritated Superman throws Kimmel off to another planet. He is then found by a disappointed Matt Damon dressed in his Martian outfit.

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What did you think of the hilarious fake ‘deleted scene’ starring Jimmy Kimmel? Comment your thoughts.

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