“Had to be very careful..” – ‘The Witcher’ Designer Tim Aslam Once Revealed Why Henry Cavill Kept Ripping His Costumes ⁩

“Had to be very careful..” – ‘The Witcher’ Designer Tim Aslam Once Revealed Why Henry Cavill Kept Ripping His Costumes ⁩

Henry Cavill would effortlessly swing his sword in Geralt of Rivia, but it came at a cost. Considering his acting skills, knowledge, and physique, he has always been a favorite for playing fantasy characters. But creating a perfect look to match the character requires a perfect set and costumes. This can not only prove pricey but also work intensive.

For Netflix’s The Witcher, it was worth the effort as it quickly became one of the best series produced by the streaming platform. While the series still remains in the discussion, one of the reasons it made buzz was about Cavill tearing up his costumes constantly. Show’s designer, Tim Aslam, once acknowledged and explained the reason behind the costume tears in 2020.

Tim Aslam explains why Henry Cavill would end up tearing the costumes

While Henry Cavill work hard to ace his role as Geralt of Rivia, so did the costume designers. Tim Aslam revealed to The Geek of Steel, the reasons behind the actor’s costume tear. He explained how the outfit needed to be comfortable enough for Cavill to move easily.We had to be very careful to sort of mold it around his body but still keep his freedom to move and fight”. 

The Man of Steel actor had bulked up well to suit his character, but the muscles would rip through the tight costumes. Even leather-made trousers were often ripped, with an immediate replacement available. Then again, the costume had to be tight to show off his physique and give the superhero feeling without added effects.

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It is no surprise that playing fantasy period-based characters requires more work and customization. The designer gave a glimpse of the process behind the costumes.

A look into the thoughts behind designing periodic costumes

Every fantasy character’s clothes are determined by the backstory and the period in which it’s based. A deep study of history and culture also goes into the making.

According to Aslam, hair, makeup, and costume were an important part of the series’ success. They inculcated ‘high fashion’ into the period, making the character look dashing but also very raw. Now that Liam Hemsworth is said to be replacing the show, it will be a new challenge for both him and the crew.

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